Grossty – Self-Titled (2012)


Over the years, Bangalore has become somewhat of a Grindcore hub as far as South Asia is concerned. The sprawling Indian metropolis is home to a lot of blastbeat worshiping sickos including bands like Bad Taste, Anorectal Ulceration, Semen Commando, Head Splash, Gorified and Nauseate, as well as being home to the annual “Undergrind” festival which featured a headline performance from Singapore’s premium grindmongers Wormrot last year. I don’t know what exactly is about the city that encourages so many people to take up grindcore as a medium to explore their primitive nature, but this place might just become one of the main places for this genre in the coming decade.

Grossty (whose name is an amalgamation of the words Gross and Nasty… makes sense!) assaulted the scene in 2012 with their debut self-titled EP with their own unique style of grind that fuses the musical ethos of the most primitive and pure crust/grind stylings with the aesthetics of more goregrind styled acts, as well as shock-punk like GG Allin. From what I’ve heard from their fans, these guys are perpetually stoned and their live shows are riot-inducing and generally crazy. Listening to the music, I can totally understand why. If I was at a Grossty show I’d be stagediving, moshing, everything!

Grossty Live

They take no prisoners with their audio assault.

The production is raw and abrasive but at the same time it just fits well into your ears. It’s mixed and mastered how it should have been and sounds like a vintage grind record from 89. They don’t try to make it sound glossy and modern, instead choosing to revel in the primitive audio barbarism that music of such extreme nature should always stay rooted in. In fact, the production job on this blows most extreme music from South Asia out of the water, and the live drums are a welcome change from the usual programmed drum fare around these parts.

Instrumentally, these guys come off as being well schooled in everything they do. If there was some fabled “Bangalore Institute of Grindcore” these guys would either be the top graduates, or the top professors there. The music remains blistering fast but it switches from crusty d-beat style modes to joyous blastbeat worship, sometimes dipping into the muddy waters of slower more doomy tempos as showcased in tracks like “Incarcerated, It Seems.” There is so much variety here for a grind record, it’s hard to comprehend in the first place, really. Even the vocal styles keep switching from punky shouts to frantic screams to low gurgles, even some pornogrind style stuff in the second last song. Whatever pot these guys are smoking, they need to send me some of that ASAP! The material they’ve recorded is full of memorable moments, right from the d-beat driven opening of “TV is Full of Crap” to the GG Allin and Charles Manson inspired “Jesus Christ.” There’s even a Cripple Bastards cover here, one that the Italian grinders themselves would be proud of. The lyrics here are crazy and perverted as fuck, so if you’re on some politically-correct tip you might want to stay away. They discuss everything from bestiality to jail-rape rather than the socially conscious themes that bands of this nature choose to dive into. I, however, wouldn’t recommend ignoring this opus. I’d instead advise you to welcome this album into your life with open arms. It’s that fuck-buddy you won’t ever have enough of. When you come home from a shitty day at work or a long-drawn out bus-ride, you’re gonna be thinking “Damn bro. Where that Grossty CD at? I need somma dat.” Believe that.

Grossty Live 2

Going to India to attend a Grossty show is one of the things I plan on doing before I die.

I received a physical copy of it sometime last year along with a free bandana, and everything about the packaging screamed “DIY!” albeit done very professionally as far as the intentions go. The humble 4-panel wallet, with the CD tucked neatly in a pocket surrounded by the band just giving out a bunch of crude “thank you” credits to their crew, is just too fucking awesome. DIY ethos is what keeps extreme music alive in places like South Asia and keeps us all grounded as well. Though you’d be dead wrong to think that Grossty are some amateur band just grinding for the hell of it. These lads know what’s up and you can feel it even before slotting the disc into your computer. They probably invested quite a lot of their time and money into this – same as everyone flying the flag of extreme music in South Asia – and after finishing my first listen of this EP I realized that Grossty does not fuck around! They deliver the fucking goods (in this case, goods being quality grind) like Pizza Hut delivers pizza (though their delivery sucks nowadays to be quite honest, but we’ll talk about that some other time)

Bottom line; if you’re looking for some sick grindcore from India, Grossty should be the first name on your list. Followed by the name of your drug dealer. Indian label Transcending Obscurity sells this, and you can get links to the band as well as the label, below.


Transcending Obscurity

Listen to Grossty on Bandcamp

– Hassan Dozakhi

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