Immoral Majority – Cut Your Losses (2013)

IxM tape cover2

Immoral Majority are  6 piece Powerviolence/Fastcore band from Portland, Oregon. They formed this year in May and apparently, with some members from another band called Crime Machine joining forces with three ladies to play loud, fast and crazy music. The result is a line-up that features 2 guitarists, 1 vocalist, 1 drummer, and 2 bassists – with one playing ‘clean’ and the other playing ‘distorted.’ If that isn’t enough, one of the guitarists swaps places with the drummer halfway through the tap. While this may come off as a gimmick at first, once you finish listening to their debut tape “Cut Your Losses” (out on Truth Decay Tapes) you’ll realize that Immoral Majority are on some real shit.

Immoral Majority deliver some 13 righteous jams in 10 minutes, starting off with an intro that features some slow, crushing heavy riffs with some movie samples over it. As I said before, these lads and lasses don’t front, and the intro sets the tone for sure. The massive riffs in the first track take you down a dark alley, and when the tape officially begins with the frantic riffage, machine-gun drumming, dual-bass assault and the frenzied vocals on the track “Noah Shirt” – you can consider yourself officially mugged. The tape follows a similar patten throughout the track-list without letting the songs run into each other – which is saying something, when so many of the Spazz/No Comment/Capitalist Casualties inspired bands these days just can’t be separated from each other. Despite having a fairly predictable slow-fast-slow-fast pattern with not much variation, all of the songs are pretty memorable in their own right, and I put it down mainly to the infectious nature of the guitar work. Some of the songs such as “Mindwire,” “Difficult Decision,” “Why Try” and “Noah Shirt” have riffs and song-sections that stick in your head for a while after you’re done listening to the tape which is a testament to the band’s ability to craft crushing Powerviolence. Moral of the story: if you’re gonna start a band in an over-populated genre, make sure you have the riffs to back your shit up. And this group sure as hell does.


The production oozes out heaviness, with the clean+distorted bass-guitar combo helping to creating a very massive sound that just bursts out your speakers without sounding very swampy or muddled so that every guitar riff can be heard in full clarity. I also quite honestly love the drum sound on this, it’s perfect for any kind of music that has anything to do with punk’s more extreme soundscapes – feels like a group of lunatics trying to break open the door of an asylum with a series of battering rams. I do wish, however, that the vocals were turned up a bit, because they just seem to get lost in the instrumental attack at times. As I said before, they’re frenzied as fuck (best way to describe them) and should be a little bit louder. Though at the end of it, as far as stuff like this goes, it’s a pretty rad production job if a bit clean or polished for my taste.

If I was to describe this band in one word, it’d be INTENSE. They don’t feign the intensity, it’s all in-your-fucking-face and it’s all real when the vocalist rips her throats out while screaming about misanthropy, rape survival, misogyny/racism/fascism, mental conditions, homophobia, religion, war and all these topics that every punk band likes to talk about. I’ll be looking out for their future material, I’d suggest you do the same.


Immoral Majority on Facebook

Immoral Majority on ReverbNation

TruthDecay Tapes

– Hassan Dozakhi

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