Unabomber – Potemkin [Band Sanctioned Download]




I decided to start doing Band-Sanctioned Free Downloads. So here’s something to start with. Unabomber were a hardcore band formed in 1996 in the Catalunya region of Spain. They played a unique, eclectic style that fused elements from the Powerviolence of Infest and Spazz to the more artistic noodlings of Rollins era Black Flag coupled with some nods to 90s hardcore bands such as Rorschach. The download link below is to their album Potemkin along with three rehearsal tracks and a bunch of scans and pictures sent to me by the vocalist. The music is incredibly schizophrenic in nature – the tempos are always changing, the riffs drive the music from Black Sabbath style jams to crazy grinding sections, the bass fucks with your head and the drummer is full of pure Catalan rage. It’s very spontaneous and it’s all incredibly fun. Vocalist Robert Beltran’s delivery sums up the schizo music as well – he belts out his vocals like a madman running from an insane asylum, doing all sorts of screams, shouts, growls and even spoken word sections in the process. It’s all thoroughly excellent and I can’t think of a negative attribute to the music. Even the production is great and very clear for this kind of music.




I’d like to thank the vocalist for sending me this and allowing me to upload it online. As stated before, it contains the album in its entirety along with 3 rehearsal tracks and a bunch of scans and pics. Robert now does vocals for the Hardcore Punk band ASSAC! who play in an early 80s Boston style.

Download Unabomber’s Potemkin here.

– Hassan Dozakhi

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