Nauseate Interview

Bangalore is one of the rising cities in the world at the moment, for reasons other than economics or whatever. It’s home to a big underground metal scene with the “Trendslaughter Fest” crew but other than the leather-clad metal maniacs, there’s also a bunch of d-beat obsessed and blast-beat proliferating grind junkies there. Nauseate is one of the newer bands in the grind circuit of Bangalore but the members are all pioneers of the scene there, being involved with acts like Gorified and also regularly organizing the “Undergrind” Fest. Also, despite being fairly new to the scene as a band, Nauseate are also doing a split with grind/mince legends Agathocles! Needless to say this interviewer is stoked as fuck for it. I talk to mainman Charlie about Nauseate, his other bands, Undergrind fest as well as future plans in this interview. Check it!



– Hey Charlie how are ya and how are your bands?
Hey Hassan im doing good and so are my bands. Hope your doing good too.

– Before we talk about your Mince/Grind band Nauseate, tell us a bit about your other bands and your history in the Bangalore grind scene such as involvement with Gorified etc.
I am part of 3 bands aprt from Nauseate. My first band is Gorified, we started in 2004 as a 3 piece death/grind band. We played several local gigs and also played Dismembering Asia Fets with Putrid Pile, Wormrot and other local bands from Malaysia. We have our demo Ruptured within seconds released on Sevared Records(U.S.A) in 2006, soon this year we will be releasing our debut full length. Festered Wound is a gore grind/noise band im part of which 2 guys from Head Splash and Nauseate. Festered Wound released demo on Neurotic Anger prod(Italy) in 2012 and 3 way split with Dr.Butcher and Hydropneumothorax released on Regurgitated Stoma Stew Recs(U.S.A). Head Splash is a noise grind project im part of with guys from Festered Wound and Nauseate. Head Splash has a 4 way split to be released on Jerk Off Records(U.S.A) with noise core greats Gorgonized Dorks, Japanese noise core maniacs Sete Star Sept and local grind core band Grossty.

– How and why was Nauseate formed? I understand you weren’t in the original lineup either
Nauseate was started by my brother Cliff from (Anorectal Ulceration, Head Splash and Festered Wound) with couple of his friends in 2010. The other guys had personal priorities and hence couldnt continue with the band. Abhi and myself asked Cliff we can continue Nauseate,he was game to do it. We then found Noah to play drums for us.



– How did Nauseate get in touch with Agathocles for a split, without having any demo or EP out (just youtube and soundcloud songs)?
Jan from Agathocles is a friend of my friend. I got his contact and then wrote to him  saying we are a mince core band from India. He asked me to send our songs, I sent links of our old recording and live videos on youtube. He liked our stuff and agreed to do a split. It an absolute honour for us to do this split with mince core legends Agathcoles!!

– Bangalore Grindcore scene is starting to get an international recognition now especially after Wormrot toured there. Why is there an urge to grind in Bangalore and not in other Indian cities?
Its a very small scene in Bangalore. All of us here always loved lisenting to and playing grind. Its just the same guys playing in various bands and will continue doing it.

– What’s the history of the Undergrind festival? Why did it start, what have you achieved so far and what can we expect in the future?
Undergrind fest was started in 2006 by few of us from local grind/death bands. We  all had to do DIY kinda gig as no gig promoter wanted to support this kind of music. We started of doing Undergrind in a friends apartment basement to have big bands like Putrid Pile, Wormrot and Vulgaroyal Bloodhill(Japan) play at the gig. We would try getting grind/death bands from around the world. The scene for grind in India is still very small yet growing.

– What Indian Grind bands would you reccomend to a foreign listener?
I would recommend bands like Anorectal Ulceration, Colitus Ulcerosa, Perforated Limb, Gruesome Malady, Grossty and all the projects im part of like (Gorified, Head Splash, Festered Wound, Nauseate) ahaahha coz there arent many.

– Back to Nauseate. Any tour plans outside India after the Agathocles split? What about more releases?
We havent planned anything as of now, but yes would have more material written, recorded and released. We would love to do a tour in and europe someday. lets see how things work out.

– Top 5 albums of 2013?
Honestly I havent heard much of the new stuff. Anyways here are few
MEATAL ULCER – Why Won’t It Die?
ROSKOPP – Mutation, Voodoo, Deformity or Disease
Archagathus – Mince core demo

– Thanks Charlie! Hope to see you play live some day. Any final words?
Hey Hassan thanks! for the interview bro.Hope we play in Pakistan someday. Grind forever!!


Nauseate on Facebook.

– Hassan Dozakhi

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