Absolut – Punk Survival (2014)




Nice to see absolutely crazy, rancid and noisy d-beat laden Hardcore Punk make a little return to people’s play-lists in the last 2 years. May be the new “flavor of the month” or become the next “trend” but let’s face it – as long as the music is hard hitting and awesome, who gives a fuck if a shitload of new bands start doing the same thing?

Absolut’s “Punk Survival” is an aptly named release as it primarily serves to keep the core values of the original Hardcore Punk template alive. While they are not the first band to do so – hundreds of d-beat laden old school hardcore bands have existed all over the world since the 90’s, especially in Sweden and Japan – Absolut manage to carve out an identity of their own. They do that by not only following the set-in-stone codes of what proper raw crust/hardcore punk should contain but by upping the ante in several regards. The riffs hit harder and deadlier than most of the bands I’ve heard trying to revive this style, armed with a dangerous guitar tone that would make even a weak riff sound heavy. Thankfully every riff here is some badass shit and the occasional noisy guitar lead makes you want to peel away at your skin – now THAT’S some sensation I don’t get much from ‘old school revival’ acts. Screechy, ear-piercing vocals are bellowed over one catchy riff after another with wild abandon. Not a line can be understood due to the insane amount of incoherency and reverb/echo but the vocal patterns themselves are catchy enough for them to hang around in your ear like unwanted wax. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that these guys are just here to make some noise and have a good time doing it – simultaneously worshiping and burning their idols one riff at a time. Credit must be given to the producer for crafting a sound that’s unbearable yet easy on the ears at the same time – a nice little balance to have for these sort of records. You want the mix to sound as chaotic as possible, but the master shouldn’t hurt your listening senses either. Along with a warm production value that would sound absolutely gorgeous on vinyl/tape make this a very vintage sounding little release.

The filthy, primitive essence of the likes of GISM, Anti-Cimex, Terveet Kadet is tapped into but taken a step further while remaining confined within their self-imposed boundaries. A little Proto-Black Metal influence can also be spotted here with the Hellhammer-esque vocals and the early Bathory style lead-work. If I was to make a comparison I’d say they have a bit of a Dishammer kind of thing going for them, but strictly Punk (with a few metal concessions) rather than a clear metal/punk hybrid. I really dig their style and if you at all are into extreme music you will love this. Get it from Electric Assault Records on the 19th of April.






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– Hassan Dozakhi

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