Snuffx Interview



– Hey, how’s it going? Introduce the band’s lineup please!


MK: hey man looking good, Snuffx is Cris Allin on Guitar and Vocals and Mohammad Kabeer on Drums.




– You guys were born out of the ashes of a grindcore/noisecore band called Necrofilth, with whom you recorded an album. Why abandon it and start over?


MK: Well, Zack Massacre from Nekrofilth had messaged us telling us that our name was causing a lot of confusion among listeners and requested us to therefore change it. We were planning to change it anyway because of our change in sound, so it wasn’t really a big deal.


CA: We had plans to throw in powerviolence elements into the mix for a slight change in the sound anyway. I wouldn’t say we abandoned the old noisecore/grindcore style there’s still that nasty raw feel to the tracks and in our recent release “Phencyclidine” we took the sound back to the Necrofilth days.




– What bands is Snuffx influenced by the most?


MK: Sea of Shit has definitely had a big influence on Snuffx when it comes to our slower, sludgy stuff like Legalize Krokodil and Genocide, especially in the use of feedback and creepy guitar wails. Sex Prisoner has been a big influence as well on our sound, which can be seen in songs like Religion is Slavery, Power Trip and No talent, when it comes to the faster stuff, I think the bands which we are most influenced by are Infest, Chainsaw Squid and Mellow Harsher. And ofcourse our early influences of Fear of God and Anal Cunt will always be there.




– Is Snuffx the first Powerviolence style band in India? How’s the general Grind/PV/Hardcore/Crust/etc scene in the region?


MK: There is this one band called Abolish Mornings from Bangalore which play some pretty neat old school powerviolence from Bangalore, I also like Grossty and Nauseate from the same city, Delhi on the other hand is pretty dry, people haven’t even heard of these things, they think punk is Green Day and hardcore is Lamb of God, haha. Which is quite strange actually because Delhi is a pretty Powerviolence place if you look at it, complete chaos everywhere with some parts of the city looking like an urban wasteland.




– You guys are pretty prolific, with releases happening every now and then. Can you tell us all your releases in chronological order up til this point?


CA: We’ve had our fair share of noise, so far including demos splits and singles, starting with Necrofilth we had Comprehension of a Grindcore Opus which was our first album after which we did put out quite a few singles. Moving on to Snuffx there were 3 demo’s then we did Human Beard 4​-​way Split with Water Torture, Swallowing Bile and Phosphorus Rex, followed by a split with Frame313. Third World Powerviolence, 120 Minutes, split with Noxious Threat. PV Poems, Noise Violence, Spiritual Ecstasy and finally our most recent Phencyclidine.




snuffx release




– How do you guys prepare your material? What’s the jamming process like?


MK: Very free flowing, there is no specific plan, sometimes I have some ideas which I explain to Cris mostly by just playing the drum parts of the song, most of the time which he understands completely and plays exactly what I had in mind, sometimes when I want something specific, I explain things to him verbally(which can be quite funny at times making the riffs sound like a Bollywood song haha!) , and then there are times when Cris has his ideas which he explains to me , on the guitar, sometimes the drum parts that I have to his riff’s are exactly what he wants, other times he challenges me to do something different and be more creative with my drumming. And then there are times where we just improvise on the spot and have a lot of fun doing so, most of the Necrofilth songs were made like this, most of the times we decide to do covers beforehand, although it is quite common for us to descide doing covers on the spot, we listen to the song in the jamroom , analyse the parts and then begin covering it, Fear of God and Anal cunt were done this way.




– Do you guys play live? If so, what is the response usually like?


MK: We have only played once uptil now, at the Pandemonium : The uprising which was held in 2012,people were pretty shocked and didn’t really know how to react, haha. We haven’t really played a gig here since then because there is no audience for this type of music here.




– What do both of you do in your daily life when you’re not making deafening noise?


MK: I am a freelance video editor,I edit corporate films, I am a total sellout haha!


CA: I work for Amercian Express, that’s right corporate world homie. Representin’ the C, nah it sucks balls, I’m serving notice and will be done with it for good in about 15 days.




– What are your future split/demo/ep etc plans?


CA: We are working on a new sound so definitely have a demo lined up, we’ve got an upcoming split with Nihilist Holiday.




– Thanks for the interview, good luck with your band!


CA and MK: Thanks!



Snuffx on Facebook

Snuffx on Bandcamp

– Hassan Dozakhi

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