Violation Wound Interview

Over the years, Death Metal pioneer Chris Reifert has involved himself in many projects, from Autopsy to Abscess and a million bands in between – even being a part of Death early on. He’s one of the few fucked up individuals who have actually profoundly affected the extreme metal scene. But in his new project “Violation Wound” Chris steps away from the drums and picks up the guitar to let out some ripping early 80’s hardcore punk style tunes. I heard some jams from his new band on Soundcloud and was immediately hooked – being an avid punk fan myself. I hit up Chris for an interview and he responded in his classic witty fashion. Read on!






– Hey Chris, hope everything’s well with you!

Doing well here, thanks. Got my second cup of coffee almost dumped down my gullet and my stereo is wailing away!



– So your new project Violation Wound is putting out its debut album soon. I realize you’ve always been a fan of old hardcore punk – some of those influences have seeped into your work with Autopsy and moreso in Abscess. But what was the main motivation behind starting Violation Wound at this point in time?

Seemed like a cool and exciting idea, that’s enough of a reason for me. It’s nothing to overthink or anything….it’s straight from the gut and nothing to do with modern polished and perfect punk. And yeah, the album is gonna be out May 26th officially, though I think you can order it already at

If old style rockin’ and raw punk is your bag, this just might scratch the itch.



– If you were to explain your new band’s sound by comparing it to classic bands, who would you compare it to?

I don’t think we sound like anything in particular, but there’s no shortage of bands we like. Rather than trying to sound like any certain bands, I prefer to go for the vibe of a certain era. I really dig late 70’s early 80’s punk/HC and that’s what VW is aiming for I’d say.

As for the type of stuff I like, I can easily mention the Ramones, Dead Boys, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs, X, DRI, Anti-Nowhere League, Cock Sparrer, Christ on Parade, Ill Repute, the Dickies, the Damned…..on and on and on.



– How did the record deal with VIC Records come about? Have you worked with them before?

I got in touch with them through Bob from Asphyx who knows Roel. Never worked with them before, but VIC seemed enthused and willing to believe in this unknown possibly sore thumb of a band. Haha!

It’s been great and I’m really happy with the way things are going. Hell yezzz!






– Do you plan on playing live/touring with the new band? Will you take it along on Autopsy tours or are you going to keep the two bands seperate from each other?

They are definitely two very separate things, so they’ll probably remain that way as far as live purposes go, but hey….stanger things have happened. Haha! We haven’t played live yet, but we’d like to. I do think this stuff would be a blast to play on stage with some other really good bands on the bill.



– As someone who has been involved in the extreme metal movement from the very start, did Punk/Hardcore influence you guys back in the day too or was it something that people in the metal scene just got interested in later? Are there any new metal/punk bands that you would recommend?

I actually discovered metal and punk around the same time way back when. I don’t remember thinking about catagories at the time, it was more like a quest to find the most aggressive, fast or heavy bands I could get my eardrums around. As far as Autopsy goes, we really didn’t let any punk influences get in there….we just wanted to be the most brutal and heavy band around. And yeah, there’s always good new bands coming out of all types. I really like OFF!, Burning Monk, Sordid Flesh and Gluttony to name a couple.



– Did you expect metal and punk to get proliferated out in regions as far away as Pakistan, India, etc when you first started out? Planning on an Asian tour anytime soon with either Autopsy or Violation Wound?

When we first started out, we had no idea of where this kind of music would be appreciated. It’s amazing to know that there are people all over the world in all sorts of places who share the passion for underground music. What a cool thing, eh? As for tours, that’s something that’s just not possible for Autopsy or VW since we have too many responsibilities at home. But one off gigs here and there have happened and could happen some more. We’ll have to see how it goes, but I don’t think any of us will be doing any long distance travelling too soon.







– You’ve been involved with a lot of bands in the past and continue to do so. You’re not getting any younger, so what’s the main motivation? Are you as pissed off as you where 30 pr 20 years ago?

I have no rational answer for this one. Haha! I guess it’s something that’s enjoyable still after all these years. I’m actually not a pissed off person by nature, oddly enough. Maybe I can get all of my frustrations and aggressions out through music instead of acting like a knucklehead. On a good day, anyways. Haha!



– Horror movies kinda suck these days, and I know you’re a big horror film fan. Is there any horror film in recent years that kicked as much ass as the old classics?

I agree with you on that one. I still go back to my old faves time and again if I’m in the mood for horror. The Romero, Fulci, Universal and Hammer stuff still do the trick for me. Anything with atmosphere, which is something modern horror films neglect too often.

I’m pretty tired of endless remakes, ya know? There’s a real lack of original ideas it seems and too much emphasis on CGI crap. That said, I did love the Human Centipede and the first two Saw movies. There’s probably more good stuff out there, but I haven’t exactly been seeking it out I guess.



– Thanks a lot for the interview. Hope to see you play live one of these days!

Thank a bunch, it was really cool to hear from you. I hope the underground scene continues to thrive in your neck of the planet. Cheers for the support and stay tuned for whatever’s next!






Violation Wound on Facebook

Buy the CD on VIC Records

– Hassan Dozakhi

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