Karachi Butcher Clan Interview

Karachi Butcher Clan are an act that’s been around for a while, with the members being around in the scene for even longer. Their history stretches back to the initial era of Pakistani metal, with frontman Kamran aka Coffin Feeder being one of the legendary vocalists of the late 90’s / early 2000’s. Despite a long dormant period, KBC are back in action and are ready to decimate all those who oppose their brand of crushing, groove laden and ultimately catchy death metal. I managed to get some of Kamran’s free time to chat with him about the band, the old scene, and the future of Pakistani metal.


KBC logo



– Hey there Kamran, how’s the preperations for the upcoming gig?


Don’t ask man, I’m stuck here while the band jams in Karachi, I went there for a few days and we managed to pull off a jam session in utter heat, planning to jam one more time before we hit the stage on the 21st.




– I remember first coming across KBC back in 2006 on an Orkut page and was pretty intrigued with the group. Can you tell us the history of the band and its story til now?


Hahaha Orkut man, good old days. Well to cut the long ass story short, I met Leslie through a mutual friend and a guitar player Estes, Les had seen me in my former projects and had been jamming with Kamran Rasheed, our drummer. We started hanging, drinking, smoking and jamming. To my surprise, Les was a brutal shred player with monster riffage and without any force or push, the Karachi Butcher Clan was formed.

Did the first gig after an air jam (no instruments) and it came out to be a blast, we kept going on, through many phases in life, marriages, kids, divorces, more marriages, more kids etc. But it kept growing within us..

Initially we had no studio and then came our salvation as Marnald Jacob (Mickey Jay) Les’s cousin and a good friend also the manager of the band. With his extreme help les set up a studio named Ground Sound and we got all those thoughts over the decade into shape by recording our originals, something we always craved for.




– Despite being around for a long time, you guys have only put out 2 originals. Any reason behind the relative inactivity? Can we expect a definite release in the future?


Yeah as I said, we didn’t have a studio and our sound and the music we do, we couldn’t take it to any tom dick or harry to make a fake attempt at the thing we hold religious, and yeah now the things are all set to our needs, we can release a track every week but we’re keeping it low for now, our third release is HEAD HUNTER’S GLORY, due to be released right after Hellfest. We might be doing a pre-release kinda thing playing the track in a radio show ONCE 😉








– You’re also a veteran in the Karachi metal scene, having been a part of now-legendary bands such as Hell Dormant and Autopsy Gothic. Can you talk a bit about both those bands? Any chance of reuniting either band?


Aaah, Autopsy Gothic was my first love when it comes to my own music, but no chance we’re getting it back since doing it with the original members seems vague. Hell Dormant was me and Wasi Raza forcing our overflowing wicked thoughts into a Pentium 2 (RIP) recorded the whole album in 2 days and I mentioned this somewhere before – I remember the take was on record and Wasi was sleeping with the guitar plugged and so was i, hahaha good old days those were man. the world was very real back then.

If Wasi comes back, we can do a track or two for sure…




– What do you think about Dusk? You’ve been involved in the band as a drummer too, if I recall correctly.


One of the first outfits I heard here before Autopsy Gothic was DUSK and SHEMHAMFORASH. Babar Sheikh (GOAT) has always been a friend and an inspiration, his metal has brought good name to Pakistan and yeah me and Aman Durrani recorded an album with him and a track with my drums and backing vocals was in one of his latest releases DEAD HEART DAWNING…




– Being a part of local metal scene since 90’s, how do you think it has grown since then? Do you think the scene and the fans have improved or has it become shittier?

Hahaha both man. Nu Metal has fucked up things a lot here, kids don’t know playing Cannibal Corpse and Limpbiz-DICK on a same player is sin. It has definitely grown over the years but then again, metal is something you can’t force on someone, it just lies inside one’s soul, and seeing all the overall acts in action, I say it’s definitely on the right track…








– How did you get into metal back in those days? Was it difficult without the internet, and without metal magazines and stuff?


My school buddy, a friend and my band mate Aneeq got me into metal, he used to see me growl and scream for nothing back then and he once gave me a metallic tape, and then onwards life has been VERY different.

And hell yeah man, TDK tapes, old magazines, 8 month old issues of Metal Hammer, Terrorizer and 2-3 music stores were all we have besides some of the buds that we made through metal – Salman Mumtaz, Nabeel, Babar – i copied a lot of metal from their hard drives to mine and damn those days man, it was a religion that we followed very honestly.

I remember hitting a net cafe to see the world is and got out with print outs of Cannibal Corpse and Death’s lyrics to all the tracks we loved but hardly understood. Internet has made it really easy for anyone to do anything.. then again its good as well as bad.




– Tell us about your previous experiences playing at Hellfest. Are you looking forward to the next edition?


Man we were super excited to play here in Hell Fest-1, immediately after that we had a hangout session with Inferner boys – Atrium Animus back then and we made good friends with them. I think it’s a great platform and KBC will always be a major support…




– Do you feel Hellfest improves the scene?


It surely does, if proper coverage is done in the magazines and news and over the internet, it clearly shows that the metal scene still lives amidst all the crap that the new world and media has to offer.








– What’s in the future plans for KBC?


Hmmm, we’ll be releasing the third track soon and then the debut album by December this year probably, we are in touch with some labels that showed interest n our music and I’m quiet hopeful this year will mark the debut album for Karachi Butcher Clan.




– Thanks for your time. Any last words?


Hahaha i don’t see a gun on my face but yea my last words would be – BE YOURSELF, as a nation, we are extremely fucked, we lack the emotion to co-exist and i think this is the one thing that is taking us down as a country, learn to co-exist , support and like each other, the world out there is waiting to crush us under their boots, if anything can save us from vanishing from the face of earth – it surely is coexistence, genuinety and honesty to any profession.

For younger musicians, I’d strongly suggest, there a time for listening music first, don’t rush to be on stage, i have seen kids making a joke outta themselves on stage and this can be handled when you practice to the max, be on stage after 4 years or maybe 10, but once you are on, do it with your heart, not fingers, limbs or throats.

Horns up to you guys for this interview, to everyone doing metal in this age in Pakistan, to the Hellfest management and every single one supporting metal.


Cheers and Respect. \,,/





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