Gravecrusher – Morbid Black Oath (2014)



Gravecrusher are a band that obviously pulls their influence from the old school of death metal. Head-melting solos are abundant and crushing rhythms drive their riffs with neck-snapping vigor. The Bolt Thrower influence is just as prominent as their Swedish death metal roots (though the latter isn’t present to the point of including the more annoying tropes of that vein of music).


The song writing and riffs are all there and are done with great precision and craftsmanship but the one thing that isn’t very “old school” about their approach is how they chose to record. I am one of those people that absolutely believe that production plays a vital role and establishing the sound and aesthetic of a death metal band and this just comes across too cleaned up and processed.


The only complaint that I really have is the production; the guitars lack the layering that they need to make this music effective and the drums are have too much treble, which doesn’t exactly help beef up their sound. That all being said that is my ONLY complaint. Everything else is done in a way that comes across as convincingly genuine death metal made by people whole love this music.



Listen to the album here


– Jerrod Preston

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