Eternal Armageddon Interview





– Greetings. Hope all is well in the land of Bengal.


War Hails brother. Yes. Things are going pretty smooth.



– Eternal Armageddon recently re-emerged after a hiatus in 2013. Was resurrecting the band always a possibility when the hiatus took place?


Basically the band was getting inactive after our debut release ‘Her Forlorn Monsoon’. Numerous reasons were there. Sick underground policy back then, drug issues and shits; the band was getting unproductive gradually. So back in 2013, I decided to bring an end to this. But yes, there was always a possibility. Even at times I thought to start again as a one man project. But then I get to know about Sarcophagous and Blasphemouranter.



– The band has also went through a major upheaval in the lineup, with Asmodeus being the remaining original member. Why did the change take place? I imagine you’re satisfied with the new lineup and direction as well.


Well, like I said, there were different issues for which it was not working anymore. So the change in the lineup was an obvious thing to come. Initially, I took some time to think. Like I also do have a one man project- whether to merge that with Eternal Armageddon or what. But what I felt, that from the moment I’ve founded Eternal Armageddon, it was never meant to be some studio project or all alone DSBM stuff. It is a warhymn that cannot be sung without a battlefield. So I summoned and got two other demons with me; Sarcophagous and Blasphemouranter. And I believe right now we are an army marching forward furiously than ever.






– The act formed as a melodic Black Metal outfit, yet in the recent compositions the style has changed to a more traditional Black/Thrash leaning. To what can we credit the change?


The lineup change is of course a reason behind shifting the genre. When we started to jam with the new lineup, we found it the best way to express ourselves from now and then. We all are into Black/Thrash more than anything else.



– Your debut EP was released on two different labels. Was the reception to it satisfactory according to you?


Yeah, two labels. MTD Productions from Malaysia and Salute Records from Sweden. Well, I think it was satisfactory though I expected more. It took some time to reach the local listeners. But gradually it did. The release was distributed in various countries. It received very positive reviews from many zines from different places across the globe. For a debut EP, I believe, it clicked nonetheless.



– What’s your opinion on the Bangladesh Metal scene? It seems to outsiders like myself that a lot of quality gigs are happening, with bands such as Abigail and Impiety coming over and whatnot.


I believe the scene is improving. If I look 6-7 years back, back in 2008-09, when I started Eternal Armageddon, the scene was not good enough. Yes, there were bands, Metal bands, but to call it a Metal scene it was not just enough. I have seen guys shifting to core and other shitty genres for cheap fame and glams. But now, there is quite a mentionable scene across the Asia. There are promising Metal bands who are coming up with brilliant releases. Reaching great labels and hitting international gigs. Great bands are coming over here. Cults like Primitive Invocation, Venustas Diabolicus have been emerging, there are few distros and labels,and a few more are organizing gigs and running zines to support the scene.







– You are also playing at Metal Barbarism 2. What’s your relationship with the organizers, Primitive Invocation, and how have they helped the Bangladesh Metal scene in the past few years?


That’s true. We are about to play live for the first time since 2010. We always had a very good relation with Primitive Invocation. I know personally some true Metal warriors of this cult. How they have contributed to the scene- well, a huge question! What I believe, without Primitive Invocation, the scene could never had made this far. They played a pioneering role to introduce our scene to world.



– Asmodeus is also a co-founder of the Black Metal webzine “Venustas Diabolicus.” What inspired you to start a webzine, and have you succeeded in the aims so far?


Well, I founded this group, cult or whatever you say, Venustas Diabolicus with people dedicated to Black Metal. Initially it was group for promoting and sharing everything related to Black Metal. Later on I met my warbrother Zoheb Mahmud and came up with this proposal to start this webzine. Together we started it and later on Somber Oracle and Safwan Hossain joined us. Now we have a few more contributors (even outside of our country as well) with us and we are getting bigger every single day.

About inspiration, well, when I started to listen to black metal, or playing it, I had to face so many complexities. Even I have seen a number of Metal listeners are avoiding it or trying to be ignorant about this willingly. To me Black Metal was never dead and will never be. I tried to make a roof where we can share our listening, thoughts or whatever related to this. To promote the bands, labels and entities dedicated to this. That was the basic objective responsible for the foundation of Venustas Diabolicus. Zine is our first offering. There are more to come.







– How does Black Metal as a genre and an ideology fit into life in Bangladesh?


As a genre or ideology Black Metal has always been far from to fit into life in Bangladesh. But now, probably I’m being too positive, but I really think that a scene is growing over here. There are bands, a few, but promising. There are listeners, as we have already talked about- the Venustas Diabolicus- yes! I believe, a scene is growing over here- more people are getting into it.



– The current era has seen metal bands from South Asia touring other countries in the region, such as Indian bands going to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi acts appearing in Nepal. Does Eternal Armageddon have any such tour plans in the future?


Yes we do! The new demo is coming on early Jan’ of 2015 and we shall be hitting the stage after a long time that time. From now we shall be playing gigs on regular basis and of course, we shall be trying to make it in abroad as well.



– Thanks for answering my questions. Eagerly awaiting the new release.


The honors is ours brother. Horns up and War Hails!





Eternal Armageddon on Facebook

More information on Metal Barbarism II

Vishal Rai’s Top 5 of 2014






Sangharsha – Bayou


Album of the year. When Kshitiz, my old bandmate and current Sangharsha riffmeister, told me they’d be recording with Converge’s Kurt Ballou, I knew something special was brewing. But I didn’t expect the album to be this damn good! For those who came in late, Sangharsha is a New York based hardcore band, with members who all hail from Nepal. Apart from a song or two, all their lyrics are in Nepali.


The S/T EP Sangharsha recorded with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in 2012 was great, but this one took it up a few notches. I can’t even describe the sound here. Besides the hardcore/sludge that they’ve made their base, there are elements of death,black, and even post-metal. Heavy, introspective, and peppered with absolutely beautiful moments.


The album takes a turn during the second half of the second last song, Aseena. In a way, it brought to mind what Pulling Teeth did with Funerary. Knowing Kshitiz’s love for PT, it might have even been deliberate.


AlertaAntifascista Records from Germany released the vinyl version of Bayou a few months ago; you can stream and order a copy at


ffo – Bands on the Deathwish roster, Russian Circles, etc.






Ringworm – Hammer Of The Witch


Ringworm is one of my all-time favorite hardcore bands. Even if HOTWhad sucked, it would still have made it to my top five. But it doesn’t.








Bane – Don’t Wait Up


Bane is one of two bands (the other being Shai Hulud) that can choke me up. There’s just something about Aaron Bedard’s lyrics and vocal delivery that can transform me into a naive kid, the way I used to be before things went to shit. Haha. Don’t Wait Upwas an even more emotional affair than usual because it’s the last Bane album. It has some terrific guest spots (Calling Hours) and possibly some of Bedard’s darkest lyrics (Wrong Planet). And I must confess, I did get teary eyed when I first heard Final Backward Glance.








Code Orange – I Am King


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the new Code Orange. I didn’t really understand the hype around them when they still had the Kids suffix, and I wasn’t too fond of their old material. But holy shit, I Am King was something else. Definitely one of the most intense albums of 2014. They even sound like they’d fit right in with the Victory Records roster of the 90s (my favorite era in hardcore) a lot of the time.








Eyehategod – Eyehategod


I don’t believe I even need to elaborate. It’s no Take As Needed For Pain or Dopesick, but it’s still top stuff.




Other albums that ruled – Today Is The Day – Animal Mother, Skinfather – None Will Mourn, Crowbar – Symmetry In Black, Comeback Kid – Die Knowing, Full Of Hell &Merzbow – Full Of Hell & Merzbow, New Found Glory – Resurrection, Hang The Bastard – Sex In The Seventh Circle, Sumeru – Holy Lands, Homewrecker – Circle Of Death, Hollow Earth – Silent Graves, Generation Of Vipers – Coffin Wisdom, Pharaoh – Negative Everything, Rot In Hell – Ruined Empire, The Banner – Greying, Baptists – Bloodmines, Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death, Yautja – Songs Of Descent, Indian – From All Purity, Nothing – Guilty Of Everything









Torn – Demo 2014


Spirit-Filled hardcore fronted by the singer of Advent and other Christian hardcore bands. Catchy and heavy, with lyrics that have a lot of thought put behind them, this demo should appeal to anyone with a love for 90s metallic hardcore. There are parts that sound like Turmoil and others that wouldn’t be out of place on a Buried Alive record. Don’t let the “Spirit-Filled” tag put you off, there’s nothing preachy here.







Gatecreeper – Gatecreeper


Swedish death metal (or DM influenced hardcore) from Arizona. One listen was all it took to get me hooked, in a manner similar to what Skinfather did with Atheos a few years ago. Members of Gatecreeper also play in Territory.


ffo – Dismember, Grave, Entombed, Unleashed, Black Breath, Skinfather








Keeper – MMXIV


So damn heavy!


ffo – Burning Witch, Grief, Meth Drinker, Moloch






Forced Order4 GodsHate4


Forced Order – Eternal War / God’s Hate – Divine Injustice


Forced Order and God’s Hate belong to the vibrant Southern California hardcore scene, and, if I’m not mistaken, both bands recorded at The Pit with Taylor Young. Forced Order features members of Twitching Tongues, Harness, Soul Search and Disgrace; their sound is a throwback to 90s Cleveland hardcore. Think old Integrity and In Cold Blood. God’s Hate has members of Twitching Tongues and Skinfather, and probably a few other bands. Divine Injustice is Troycore-worship at its finest (the band’s even named after a Dying Breed song).









Xibalba/Suburban Scum – Split


Nothing much to say.Both bands just keep getting better, although I’m more partial to the Xibalba tracks.




Others that ruled: New Lows – Abhorrent Endings, Blistered – Soul Erosion, Jagged Visions – Beyond The Serpent’s Touch, Annulment – Celestial Mother Of The Handless Path, Graves At Sea – This Place Is Poison, Of Feather And Bone – Adorned In Decay/False Healer, Incitement – Hyena, Converge – Live At The BBC, Benchpress/Martyr’s Tongue, Soul Search/Minus, Graves At Sea/Sourvein, Primitive Man/Xaphan, Whirr/Nothing







(we’d like to thank Vishal for this write-up. you can check out Vishal’s own Hardcore/Metal band Jugaa here)

Solar Deity Interview

Solar Deity is a Black Metal band from Mumbai, India, that describes itself as a “Satanic Black Metal” band. Frontman and main songwriter Aditya Mehta has been involved with Mumbai’s Death Metal scene with his past bands, which ensured that he already had somewhat of a reputation when Solar Deity was first initiated. Their music has been well-liked by this blog/zine for a while now, and you can read our review of their most recent release “Devil Worship” here. After delaying a possible interview for many months, I finally got in touch with Aditya and we discussed the band’s future, along with his new vegan beliefs.






– Hey Aditya! How’s everything going?


Hey Hassan! It’s going quite okay.



– Solar Deity has been on the quiet side since “Devil Worship” was released in the latter half of 2013. What’s been going on?


We were busy with other stuff. Also, having to change the lineup every now and then was a bit of a drag.



– There has been significant musical evolution in SD’s music, with the musical style flirting with different styles in every release. Where do you see the sound going on future stuff?


It’ll go ambient/depressive and back to the traditional style and then to something very raw and intense… there’s a lot we want to do. Solar Deity can go any way as long as it’s black metal.



– Initially SD was not a live act, yet you made the transition from the studio to the stage – complete with an elaborate live act and stage presence. What has the live experience been thus far?


I enjoyed our first Bombay concert (at Blue Frog) the most. Playing live is fun and so is jamming with the band, but it’s terribly boring having to sit around at home playing the same shit over and over… but playing to an audience does feel good.







– Did the songwriting process change much when the band went from being just primarily you (and a drummer) to having a full lineup?


No, because I composed all the stuff. It will change now because both Niraj Singh Chauhan and I are writing songs. You’ll hear my stuff and you’ll hear his stuff and when we write stuff together you’ll hear that.



– Let’s talk about Exhumation. Your old Death Metal band created a reputation for itself in the old Mumbai metal scene of the 2000s. Do you still feel an affinity with that sort of music?


I still love death metal and all those bands we used to listen to. I still listen to them and I understand and enjoy and respect death metal even more now. My favorite memories of Exhumation are those of the fun times I shared with those guys and of us making the music.



– Your outspoken nature has caused a lot of your opinions on the Indian metal scene to cause a lot of controversy in the past. What’s your take on the Indian scene as it currently stands?


Thanks to Facebook everybody can see what exactly is happening. We don’t get too many shows but that’s okay – the others in Solar Deity understand that I am the guy who has to do all this. The rest of the scene is welcome to continue being diplomatic and they can suck each other off till the end of eternity. I don’t sit on Facebook waiting for people to go wrong so that I can point it out; I’ve never asked anyone to buy my music or merch and I won’t be asking the kids to crowdfund my wedding or my children’s education either. I’ve lost friends and made enemies only because I love all that metal is about. I don’t care about being popular or respected, and I don’t go around asking organizers to put my band on the bill. I don’t have a fucking agenda, man. Somebody has to take the trash out and in these circumstances I am one of the four or five people doing that. It’s like five people trying to keep an entire city clean, heh. Devdutt Nawalkar (Old Disgruntled Bastard) is my favorite critic and he doesn’t give a fuck what anybody thinks. A few other people who rant either have nothing to lose or do it anonymously, and that’s fine too – other musicians attack the poseurs anonymously because they don’t want their bands to be affected. I don’t do shit anonymously and I don’t give a shit about what hipsters think of me either but sadly my haters take it out on my band as they have no other way of teaching me a lesson. It’s okay, though… in battle there is no law. Ahahaha, the butt-hurt poseurs… FUCK THEM ALL.



– It’s become common knowledge that you’re a vegan now. How does this tie in with your Satanist belief system, and how does this impact your music?


I feel even more extreme now, haha! One of the things about Satanism is that it doesn’t let you bullshit yourself or others, and I really couldn’t pretend to be unaffected about where our food comes from. I debated with myself for a few years about if I should go vegetarian and now I know I was only trying to justify my meat-eating. I realize that every reason I gave myself for not going vegetarian was code for: I want meat, cheese, eggs and dairy. I’m glad that argument is over. As for the music – all the new black metal stuff was composed much before I turned vegan, but maybe the side projects will tell you something!







– Solar Deity recently got into some kind of deal with Transcending Obscurity, Kunal’s label. Can you elaborate a bit on what that basically entails?


Kunal Choksi is going to release a mini discography of what we’ve made so far on Transcending Obscurity because he thinks our music deserves more recognition. It’ll have a new layout and bonus material and KC has big plans for it. We’re very kicked about it.



– What’s next for the band? A split? A full length album? More EP’s?


A split with Djinn & Miskatonic! Our next EP will have to wait because we have the mini discog on Transcending Obscurity and the split with Djinn & Miskatonic coming up.



– I wouldn’t think you have much time for sideprojects nowadays. Anything on the cards, however?


Yeah, I’ve been talking about a lot of stuff. I’m going to get off my ass and make at least Angry Dwarf happen this year.



– Thanks for the interview, Aditya! Take care.


Thanks, Hassan!



SD Live


Solar Deity Official Website

Solar Deity on Facebook

Solar Deity on Bandcamp

Slave to the Grind – A Film about Grindcore (Soilent Green Teaser)



So there’s a documentary about Grindcore coming up, entitled “Slave to the Grind” and it’s got this brown bastard excited! While it remains to be seen just how faithful this documentary will be to the genre and how much the fans will enjoy it, there’s more than enough reason for normally cynical people like myself to get behind this. For one thing, it’s made by an actual grindcore fan, and the first teaser has Soilent Green talking up some cool things. We’ll be posting more teasers as they come!

The documentary’s FB page

Metal Barbarism II Featuring DEFILED from Japan

Primitive Invocation, the chief purveyors of true old school metal in Bangladesh, are putting on a show on January the 14th in Dhaka, that promises to be stellar. Following up on the recent “Banish the Posers” show, “Metal Barbarism II” will have 4 of Bangladesh’s local extreme metal acts (Morbidity, Eternal Armageddon, Nafarmaan, Warhound) as well as Defiled – Japanese death metal veterans who will be showcasing their barbarism to the Bangladeshi crowd for the first time. Flyer as well as gig details below! Eternal Abhorrence will be interviewing some of the bands as the gig date advances on us.


Full lineup :

DEFILED – Death Metal legends from Japan
NAFARMAAN – Black/Death Metal from Dhaka
MORBIDITY – Old School Death Metal from Dhaka
WARHOUND – Death Metal from Dhaka
lack/Thrash Metal from Dhaka

Venue : National Library Auditorium,Beside Radio Office, Agargaon,Sher-E-Bangla Nagar,Dhaka

Date : 14th January,2015 Wednesday
Ticket : 350 TK
Gate opens at 4:30 Sharp.

Flyer design : Deus Desecrator Absconditus

Interview with Mossen Robert (ASSAC!, 24 Ideas, Unabomber, Bacteria Forte)

A lot seems to be said on multiple websites about the same old Punk personalities.. Ian Mackaye, Henry Rollins, Roger Miret, the list goes on. Though no doubt influential and seminal in creating the Punk/DIY culture we know today, what we end up doing when glorifying these personalities is that we lose touch of several more ‘local’ personalities who have helped sow the seeds in their various European, Asian, Sudamerican etc scenes. Mossen Robert is one such character from Barcelona, Catalonia, who has toiled much since the early 90’s in several different bands, touring the world and wreaking havoc everywhere. Today he is still involved in the Hardcore/Punk scenes with his bands ASSAC!, 24 Ideas and the latest addition Bacteria Forte, as well as having a killer now-defunct band called Unabomber along the way. We have a long and lengthy talk about his past and present, essential Catalan Hardcore bands, his touring experiences as well as his favorite Metal and Punk records. The interview is quite lengthy so make sure you have a cup of tea or something with you to keep you company, haha. Enjoy!







– Hello Mossen. How’s life for you currently?



My life kinda sucks currently. Ups and downs, too many quarrel around me with close people (feel kinda like the NIN’s song “Hurt” but the Johnny Cash’s version) and of course no money cuz there’s no jobs, not that I like jobs but money helps you out to do things and to move outside the country. I feel kinda trapped.

Luckily I’ve got some kind of creative input and this helps me to keep my mind busy doing new bands, projects and stuff and makes me rise above all problems.

Currently I´m involved too in the new metallic bastard child in town BACTERIA FORTE. I feel quite excited about being now a full member in that band .




– When, where and why was ASSAC formed? Who were the original members and what’s the lineup now? What does ASSAC mean?



Assac! was formed in late 2011, probably around November. Me and the bass player we´re doing the recording of another band which was a mixture of HC/NeoCrust (Which of course I only liked half of the songs, I felt it lacked punch and aggression). During a coffee break in the recording sessions I said “It would be cool to do a project a Boston HC inspired band but sung in Catalan .” Sergi the bass player and Jaume the guy behind the recording desk (and future guitar player) took me seriously and a few days after the disastrous recording session they urged me to do a first jammin´ session with the new project.

We asked a drummer I know he liked fast/old HC… et voilà! Chemistry worked out so well… that we decided to left our previous band and concentrate on ASSAC! After a month and a half of jammin we recorded the first demo and did our first two shows and even got time to do the infamous photosession of our future 12″

Since then we’ve been the same people in the band:

Sergi (4 strings)

Jaume (6 strings)

Xavi (Darboukas and cymbals )

Me (Human sounds )

Assac! it’s a game with slang works (A sac!: going straight to the point, Without mercy!)




ASSAC bandpic3



– ASSAC plays in a very old school early 80s style punk/hardcore, reminiscent of old Boston bands. Are there other bands in your region doing that sort of stuff?



Not so much, maybe a few bands but got buried amongst the thousands of crust/ D-beat bands (I like most of them, my all time fave Human Bastard and old I.A.F), Neo-Crust (I don´t like it), Post-Punk, Iberian punk/Iberian d- beat style, Oi/ Punk.. too many to follow them, each days new bands are created, impossible to being aware of all of them. I get lost!

About HC it´s easier to name the bands:

MIND CRASH are great… they play more California inspired HC with a ‘lil crossover touch, nice people, good band…. Made of foreigner people plus one local and this will give you some clues about Barcelona´s scene:

  1. A) Lots of expatriate people in shows and in a few of bands, maybe not more than local but easily 50 % or close
  2. B) Local people prefer other styles than HC, they ´re into other things.

24 IDEAS, heheh

ZOMBI PUJOL, they mix HC with punk rock, excellent political lyrics dealing with local subjects and with the twisted humour touch like ASSAC! . nice and committed people.

ROT. Raw Punk Rock with HC touches, sung in Catalan

Then there´s that guy from Mallorca, relocated to Barcelona, Juan Carlos Riutort

Who was in NETWEIGHT and he does lots of HC/Powerviolence projects like:

X-TORSIÓN . POLLOS HERMANOS etc… He runs a recording studio and he is a Handcraft Beer fan like me! Cool!

PELIGRO were a unique band mixing HC/ Punk with Sabbathy riffs and some of them played in CESIO 157 which I also liked

ADDENDA play PowerViolence/ HC quite well,

EL PUNTO DEVIL and EXTENSITY, did the fast thing paying homage to HHH, which in my eyes is a very good thing. Sadly both are RIP.

HABITACIÓN 101 and ALATAK…. are good too… they do their RKL´s thing

COL.LAPSE.. plays Dag Nasty/Embrace style and yes they have some ASSAC /24 IDEAS members

And then the S.E. CREW with lotsa bands: APPRAISE, GOLEM, CONSTRICT are the ones who are active now as far I know… But they were a few bands more doing different styles from Youth Crew.. to nineties metallic SE..

Outside Catalonia :

In Mallorca Island we can find a collective of dudes fond of old HC, some of them members of the old HC heroes, Bad Taste.

CRASH and WASTED… are excellent bands with lots of American Hc influences from Negative Approach to Circle Jerks .

CEREBROS EXPRIMIDOS were an awesome punk–rock band with Boston HC, California and Old NY Hc influences. Jaime the main brain behind them has deep musical knowledge. Respect! The band has changed the name a ´lil bit and are like a renewed version but they still kick ass!

TRAU play fast Hc influenced by SSD, RAW POWER, good!

ÚSURA play D-beat but it ´s fair to mention them

In Valencia there is ALTERCADO ESPIRITUAL and PODER ABSOLUTO who share members and play some kind of NYHC youth crew style with Boston influences too. Good bands

In Euskadi/Basque Country doing that old style HC exists DICTADURA, they share members with the great crust band HELL DIVISION .

..And well that´s all I know…

Outside the HC / Punk scene I love ASSOT who play a mixture of ENTOMBED meets DOWN kind of thing, HEAVY stuff I love and sung in Catalan…. there are as well some Death Metal bands doing the old style which I also dig: A TOMBA OBERTA, CRUZ, MORBID FLESH, DISGRACER , etc ….. And some Grindcore, Power Violence, Fastcore acts I like: DISTURBANCE PROJECT, RAGEOUS INTENT, TEETHING, FINAL CUNT, 466 /64, SANG, etc

I also enjoyed a Catalan soul band named THE EXCITEMENTS and in a minor degree THE PEPPER POTS (playing soul too)




ASSAC live




– Catalonia is a very intriguing region with a very unique political history. Does the socio-politics of Catalonia influence the lyrics of ASSAC?  



Of course they do! We may sing about universal and personal issues but deal a lot with local subjects. We deal with many topics and facts happening here in Catalonia so it kinda fits to talk about them using Catalan .. same as if you sing about “favelas” and you ‘re doing it in Portuguese.

The band works quite good as an outlet for frustration about social and political issues surrounding and affecting us very close.. it works the same way also to talk about inner demons and skeletons in the closet.

Lyrics also got a lot of twisted humour and inner jokes but on the other hand we also speak about some universal subjects . We use Catalan in 90 % of the songs but we also used Arab, Spanish, English, Tagalog, German and Italian (In fact all our releases got a song in Italian)

We also feel inspired by many Old Hc international compilations with bands around the world who didn´t sing in English or Spanish. Some of us love languages, the more the better! We feel using our mother tongue comes very natural and fluent, we love our language and we´re not ashamed of our culture, identity or whatever you want to call it




– You were also in the Hardcore band 24 Ideas from the early 90’s and the Powerviolence band Unabomber in late 90’s. Both bands had substantial releases with their own legacies. Are you proud of what you’ve achieved in the underground DIY punk scene over the last 2 decades? How much has the Punk/Hardcore scene changed since the old days, according to you?



It ´s kinda 40% /50 % … I just accomplished half of the things or less. I would had love to do more tours outside the Spanish state and I think some of the bands deserved more recognition.

24 IDEAS was the best we can do at the time.. It´ s ok for their time and some songs stand the test of time.. So musically it was ok.. I’d love to tour more across Spain and perhaps Europe.. The band was decent and deserved it .. The band had success at the time .. and perhaps the best of it is knowing some people a few years younger than me that say the band left a mark in them. That´s the best thing! I think the band was a ‘lil bit overrated back in the days… And even knowing there´s hard work and good songs behind the band, we also got a lot of luck with labels, promos, acceptance, etc. A luck all the bands I ´ve been in after lacked.

Now the band is back but younger kids don´t get our stuff… so we´re not a lucky band anymore! I like the band how it sounds now, I like the new songs and above all I like keeping my friendship with the another founder member. Let´s see how much we can enjoy the second coming.

After 24 IDEAS I did a band with VIOLENT HEADACHE/I.A.F ´s members and it was killer one! That band was named UPRISING.

It was a very important band for me along with UNABOMBER I think this is the best stuff I ever done! Sadly the band get very unnoticed .

UPRISING was pushing further the stuff I´ve did with 24 IDEAS.. In 24 IDEAS we all liked different styles of HC however we had our preferences.. I was more the guy into fast HC INFEST, LARM, RIPCORD, CITIZENS ARREST, SIEGE, DEEP WOUND, HHH, SEPTIC DEATH , extreme, Japanese stuff.. and the other 3 guys were more into classic bands and the youth crew thing, 7 SECONDS, YOUTH OF TODAY, GORILLA BISCUITS. We all loved the Boston bands and the NYHC first wave bands.. plus some old good US HC. This made some sort of creative tension, some sort of balance that worked very well in the songs…

In UPRISING all the guys in the band were more into INFEST, DROPDEAD, Japanese stuff.. some grindcore bands, some Swedish bands.. We were more focused about playing extremely wild. So it worked out amazingly!

Imagine the harsh wild fastest japcore combined with INFEST and Swedish killer mid-tempos… A cross of the fast jap band and the best Swedish bands.

We did very wild shows… but only 8 in 2 years and a half… during this few wild shows we gained some diehard fans…two of them became UNABOMBER´s founder members. We recorded a couple of demos during 95 … but UPRISING demo mixing both recordings came out in 99.. when the band was dead and gone . We were a very unfocused, disorganized and lazy band.. We were in other bands at the time and focused in another stuff.. I think I was the first one who could have done way more for the band .. I think this band deserved more. We were alive since Easter 94 to November 96. And that´s all. When UPRISING broke up.. I and my closest friends can concentrate in…



24 ideas 93




What can I say about UNABOMBER? It was and still is the band of my life! The best thing I ever did! The band was 50 % a success (We played great music and we still have a beautiful friendship) but 50 % a failure .. we were very underrated , a very few people appreciated our music .. we had some problems about finding labels too we did not find a suitable label for us (the guy running the label is a great person but   the roster of the label was more death / black oriented so their average customers and contacts didn´t work out well for us ).. we also didn´t tour very much.. and   we didn´t managed the band very well when we had to take some steps further…

But in the end the good things are what remain.. We wrote music without screenplay. whether it was Hc , metal or whatever.. We expressed ourselves freely with rage.. the only limitation were our technical skills. I think we were a mix of RORSCHACH, BLACK SABBATH , BRUTAL TRUTH and early ROLLINS BAND drinking together in Japan… If you want to know more and listen to the band read   in the link what our friend Hassan has to say about us:

The band was active from Easter 97 ´ til July 2005.. with lots of good and some bad moments too…. Due the fact the split up was a friendly one .. we missed each other in the band and by the end of 2006 we talked about burying the band with a tour … and what a tour a South east Asia one!

In February 2007 UNABOMBER started to jam again.. this time with a second guitar, Mike from the almighty ALL ILL.. the band was sounding incredible and we did a few awesome comeback shows in Spain… and then August 2007 the tour in Singapore and Indonesia. IT WAS A BLAST! We did two shows in Singapore… And I can assure that the second show we did in Singapore was one OF THE BEST in our career! And one of the bests in my life! We tried to play in Malaysia but it failed.. and then we did about 7 shows in Indonesia. Great people and friends we met along the way. Very humble and nice people there. We have those times carved in our hearts. A priceless trip.. :). Some awesome shows others not, great people, lots of adventure and funny situations. It was highlight for the band SURE!

After a tour.. bands usually sound in shape, with trained muscles .. and after the tour we sounded brutal as ever … So no wonder people called us for more shows in 2008/2009.. we wanted to quit after the tour.. but the tour went so good.. we decided to do a few shows more… .As a result one of the shows we did was an amazing one with BRUTAL TRUTH .. one of the highlights in band´s history, everyone who was there remembers the show for sure! Finally in January 2009 we did our last show with LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER and MAGRUDERGRIND… And that´s all ´til now.

UNABOMBER was a great experience and I´m proud of being part of it. Maybe not a successful band but each time a year.. when we the UNABOMBER´s friend meet.. I think “Yes, it was a success. and still is “ .. So now I´m waiting for my drinking x-mas sessions with my UNABOMBER´s mates …




24 ideas




– Have there been attempts to reunite the old bands for new shows?



Well, 24 IDEAS is back again.. we just reunited for a couple of shows with new blood… but the chemistry worked out good… and we´re keeping with it. I want to keep with it due to big friendship with the original guitar player… Bandmates should be friends too.. at least in my humble opinion ..Working this way is the best way.

We´ve recorded a new album, a 12 “ called “Fragments of a broken faith“ and we´re happy with it. It shows some evolution but still is loyal to the band ´s roots. And yes it ´s going to be released by H-Records next year.

UNABOMBER, you know bro, it’s the band of my life! My most beloved one… All UNABOMBER ´s members live in different cities and it´s quite difficult to organize to jam and doing some shows, also due to work and families. Many people is asking us to come back .. or at least to do some reunion shows. We can do it in any moment ´cuz we´re all still good friends after all these years. So expect one day a few shows.. and perhaps, re-recording some old stuff with better quality. Not to keep on with the band again writing new songs and doing new stuff… But a few shows.. Why not?

UPRISING, was an important band to me too, however a reunion is impossible.




– Back to ASSAC. So far you’ve done a series of EP’s and demos and some compilation appearances. Anything new coming soon?



Yes, a new record is coming soon.. The new 12 “ is already done, it ´s named “Suïcidi Social “ and it’s very catchy and has a few good surprises this time. We slowed down a lil bit in some songs and add some early Cro-Mags type parts… but I think the songs are catchier and few will become anthems! You’ll love the cover for sure!

Everything’s is almost done…. We´re only waiting for the final mix to send it to pressing plant!

After that we´ve planned a couple of splits:

A split tape with a local death metal band A TOMBA OBERTA, both bands will cover RIPCORD…

And a split EP with the masters of ZOMBI PUJOL

We also must enter the studio to record an HHH´s cover for a tribute compilation .. and that´s all….







– Are you planning to tour Europe or any place this year?



I´D LOVE TO! but due to lack of money it´s being a very hard thing to do!

A UK tour was semi- arranged… but lack of equipment, and lack of our own van… made it hard to play in UK.. with the few money we got from our thin savings.. Some of us didn´t have a job for years.. So we’ve got to make sure we can get the money we need to survive back… We just wanted to get the money from the airfares back.. but for a relatively unknown band like us it was very difficult.

Now we´re thinking in Norway and Sweden.. ´cuz a close friend of the band and longtime fan want to book us some shows in Norway.. plus one of the labels investing money in the new record is a Swedish one.. so we´ll try Sweden too.. We´re in the works, hope this time we can manage to do the thing without being a financial disaster.

We also talked about visiting Italy . And think also in another places during weekends   using low cost flights.. So if you ´re interested in us.. Don´t hesitate to contact us! We´ll love to play in your town.

24 IDEAS, ASSAC!, BACTERIA FORTE… we´re all available to hit the lights!




– Your all time favorite records? Name 5 only.



HAHAHAHAHA, only five! Impossible!

  1. RORSCHACH “Protestant “. A unique band that inspired some friends and me to do our own band.
  2. HERESY “Face up to it!“ Awful production, one of the worst sounding records ever… But one of my faves too! Great and clever songwriting.. and awesome explanations on lyrics. These kind of records made me want to know more about the Ultra fast Hc than with Death Metal.. and I started to investigate with LARM, SIEGE, Boston Bands, Japanese bands.. (same I can say with NAPALM DEATH´S   “ Scum “ When reading the Thanklist)
  3. RIPCORD. Any.. HERESY´s brother band
  4. BATHORY “Under the sign of a black mark“ Pure atmosphere, very evil recording.. nobody sounded like them in the day. I´m not a black metaller… but this record made a mark on me.. Even when listening HC bands I was looking for this atmosphere.
  5. CELTIC FROST “Morbid Tales“ Less is more! Perfect from start to finish!
  6. D.R.I “Dirty rotten LP /Violent Pacification EP“.. There´s one before and after this record found my turntable…. yeah !
  7. BLACK SABBATH, first 6 LP´s … BLACKS SABBATH it´s everything.. Apha-omega. And yes I love them with Dio and Guillan…. Mandatory ones!
  8. SLAYER.. From “Show no mercy“ to “Decade of Agression“…. Mandatory ones!
  9. INFEST “Slave“/CITIZENS ARREST everything/GO! everything —– I see it as pack of records that restored my faith in Hardcore in the youth crew, melodic hc and death metal era.
  10. CATHEDRAL “Forest of equilibrium “ this record made me to appreciate again the slow sounds.. it was a before and after this record… learned a lot about doom bands in the thanklist.
  11. 13 anything, GRIEF, CORRUPTED, early EYEHATEGOD, IRON MONKEY “Our Problem “ the whole sludge pack from the 90´s made a huge impact on me
  12. JUDAS PRIEST “Unleashed in the east“ It ´s fair to name a classic heavy metal band.. I liked them and MOTÓRHEAD since I was a kid… JUDAS PRIEST´S 70´s records were ahead of their time.


Other records that have been with me.. and influenced me deeply: VERBAL ASSAULT “Trial“ , BURN EP, SIEGE demo, LARM everything, MANLIFTINGBANNER 10 “, ACME EP, BLACK FLAG “My war “, BAD BRAINS “Rock for light “, ”I against I “, ANTIDOTE “Thou shall not kill“ EP, Cleanse the bacteria comp, POISON IDEA Any!, GISM “Detestation “ , GRAVE Any! But “You´ll never see“ it’s my fave one. UNLEASHED first 3 lp´s. DISMEMBER first 3 lp´s , ENTOMBED first 3 lp´s … NIHILIST demos.. ASPHYX every fuckin thing but “Last one on earth“ it ´s my fave. CIANIDE “Rage´s war“ demo and “Hell´s rebirth“ , OBITUARY “Cause of death“, AT THE GATES any but “The red in the Sky“ won me, the whole DNA of early death metal from late 80´s to early nineties. PARADISE LOST “Gothic“, JUDGE anything, CRO- MAGS “Age of quarrel“, INTEGRITY “Those who fear tomorrow“ and “Systems overload“, RINGWORM “The promise“ , G-ANX any, COLD WORLD any, EXTORTION “Loose screws “ , ANTI CIMEX any, DOOM lots of records, D.E.Z “Suck your soul“, WARHEAD “Cry of truth“, GAUZE any, SOB Any, OUTO any, STALIN “Stop jap“, COMES “Panic“ , SPAZZTIC BLURR “Befow“ that crazy record made an impact on me… NAKED CITY “torture garden“, NEGAZIONE “Condonatti“ “Lo spirit continua“, SAINT VITUS any, TROUBLE “Psalm 9“, PENTAGRAM any , CANDLEMASS first 3 records, CIRITH UNGOL “King of the dead“, MERCYFUL FATE “Nuns have no fun “ “Mellissa“, VOIVOD “Rrroooaaarrr“ “Killing Technology“, THIN LIZZY “Jailbreak “ “Fighting “ “Live and dangerous“, AC/DC.. Bon Scott´s era , MOTÓRHEAD, ANY ´til “Rocknroll “, MSG “Live at Budokan“, UFO any record with Michale schenker, SCORPIONS “Tokyo tapes “ , IRON MAIDEN “Soundhouse Tapes “ “Killers“ any from Dianno´s era, HELLACOPTERS, ORANGE GOBLIN, TURBONEGRO “ass Cobra “ “Scandinavian leather“, PORTISHEAD any, DENGGUE FEVER ANY, TERRIBLE FEELINGS any , BARON ROJO First 5 records, ANGELES DEL INFIERNO “Diabolicca“ , RUIDO DE RABIA any, HHH any, VENOM classic era , ETC, ETC ETC ETC








– Thanks for this interview Mossen. Best of luck for the future and thanks for the great music! .



Thanks to you and for your patience, and reading all the answers ehehheh.

Last day I’ve found a Indian/Pakistani store and I´ve bought a box of sweets.. AWESOME! And yes they had the best ANGRY SAMOSAS I´ve ever seen! Yeah!

If you want to contact me try my FB:

or better my bands :

See you all!


24 ideas mossen

Fuck the Facts Interview




– Hey Topon, how’s everything?


Good, thanks.



– You guys put out the “Abandoned” EP in October, how has the reception been to it so far?


It’s been good. We’ve sold out of all the cassettes fairly quickly and people have been very supportive by buying it digitally from our Bandcamp page. This release is sort of interesting in a way, because the music is actually about 4 years old, but we just put it out, so people see it as a new release even though it’s more or less just B-sides from ‘Die Miserable’. In general the reviews and feedback has been positive. I like to read a review or get feedback from someone that’s actually listened to it without any bias, and this is really hard to find. Often it’s people that like it because they like the band or hate it because they hate the band, but every once in awhile I read something (positive or negative) that is actually a genuine review where the person is listening and making an effort. It’s not like we’re going to change what we’re doing because of what people think, but it is interesting sometimes to see how other people dissect your music.



– You’ve mentioned before that you find the ‘technical grindcore’ tag a bit of an oxymoron, how would you describe your music then? Taking into the fact that there’s a bit more to FTF than the average grind band.


We probably are ‘technical grindcore’, at least on this release. When FTF started back in the late 90’s as a recording project, grindcore was definitely the main influence, but over the years we’ve changed and developed our sound. I wouldn’t really call what we do ‘grindcore’ the influence is definitely still there, but we don’t sound like Rotten Sound or Magrudergrind. I coined the term “bastardized grindcore” to sort of address that, but really does it matter? We make the music we like and do what we enjoy. If there’s blast beats, cool! If not, cool! Personally, I really enjoy dynamic music. I listen to a lot of different music at home and an album with a lot of peaks and valleys is usually what keeps my attention and makes me what to listen to it again. That’s what we’re trying to do with FTF. Make interesting music and albums that we would want to listen to.



FTF Live



– FTF has had pretty much the same lineup since 2009, and the stability has caused arguably your best material to come out – is that something you would agree with?


Yeah, I’m very happy with the music we’ve been creating and I think that we’re really at our best as a live band right now, and a lot of that has to do with us having a solid line-up for so long. It’s actually since 2008 that it’s been the same 5 people, so that’s about 7 years now. We also have more input now from all members when it comes to writing. I used to do about 90% of the writing in the band, but now the music is split pretty evenly between the 4 of us with Mel still handling the majority of the lyrics.



– We’re a blog/zine that normally covers South Asian metal/punk acts, and your position as a Bengali origin man who formed one of the more ‘known’ grind acts is one that piques curiosity. Did your parents, or close family members, ever expressed any sort of repulsion towards your music in the band’s nascent days? Because that seems to be the trend with our diaspora.


Well, I’m only half-Bengali (on my father’s side). My mother is Czech and my dad actually moved to Czechoslovakia when he was only 16, so even he wasn’t the most Bengali guy in the world. I’m proud of my background, and I have visited both India & The Czech Republic, but I’m as Canadian as they come. I was born here and grew up playing hockey and watching Kids In The Hall. Both my parents were always extremely supportive, and still are to this day. I wouldn’t have a studio if it wasn’t for my mom, and my dad was always at my shows when I was younger. Never at any point did my parents try to talk me out of doing this. If anything, they encouraged me to keep going. I’m sure my mom will end up reading this interview.



– Do you feel there is a lack of South Asian/Desi/ origin guys and girls in Grindcore bands in North America?


Growing up in the scene in Ottawa, I was the only brown guy playing in bands with all these white dudes, but it was never a problem or weird in anyway. Now things are a lot more mixed, and I think a lot of that has to do with how much more popular this kind of music is getting. It’s something that’s out there more and people are discovering it all the time. It’s not an underground secret anymore. I’m never going to say that I think there needs to be more brown people in bands, or more women, more disabled people, etc… The scene is welcoming and if you want to make music you’ll find your place, regardless of what you look like or where you’re from.



FTF Live2



– You also have a prolific noise side to you, the last solo split you did was with Takashi Ohkawa if I’m not mistaken. The noise side also seeps into FTF’s material. Is Noise something you can divorce from your grind side, or is it part and parcel of the package?


I started doing noise with FTF. Some of the very first FTF releases were just straight up noise releases. When FTF became a band we still did this a bit, but definitely not as much as in the beginning. It’s always been an influence and you can hear it on pretty much all of our releases. I started a project called Merdarahta, and that’s pretty much where I rekindled my interest in making noise. I’ve also been doing noise shows and releases as a solo artist for the past year now, and it’s something I really love doing. As much I love grindcore and metal, I’ve always had a big interest in more experimental music, so you get to hear that in FTF a bit, but with my solo work and Merdarahta, I can really dive into the deep end of making weird music.



– Having been involved in the grindcore community for such a long time, do you think the music and the scene has changed much over the years?


Sure. Like I said, grindcore is more popular than ever now. It’s not this underground elite thing anymore, so you have more people discovering it. Now with the internet we have everything at the tips of our fingers and interaction with others in the community is instant. I used to dub tapes and send them out with letters around the world. It could take weeks or even months before I would hear back, and I was spending sometimes hundreds of dollars a month just on postage. I don’t miss that. Right now as I write this interview on my laptop, I can remember 15 years ago getting a letter in the mail with interview questions for a zine. I would write out my answers by hand and mail them back, then maybe a year or so later I would get a copy of the zine. Recording is now something that a lot of us do on our own, and at a pretty good quality too. You used to have to go to a real studio, or have a really rough 4-track recording. So yeah, a lot has changed. I’m not going to say it’s better or worse, it’s just different.



– Top 5 EPs/demos/albums of 2014?


  1. Mike H ‘Opening Act/T-shirts for Sale’
  2. Alaskan ‘Despair, Erosion, Loss’
  3. Dead Weights ‘Dead Ends & Closed Doors’
  4. The Sun Through A Telescope ‘Unnatural Cruciform on a Moss Covered Rock’
  5. Bleak ’s/t’



– Thanks for the interview Topon! Come play out in our neck of the woods some time.


Thank you! And yes, we can’t wait to make our way out there. Cheers!





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