Defiled Interview



– Hey lads, hope everything is great at your end!


Happy New Year to all! We’ve just been so busy to prepare for the upcoming tour.
But we’re all fine !!



– You guys are embarking on a tour of South Asia – hitting up Bangladesh, Nepal and India. What are you expecting?


Very very excited our first tour for South Asia !!
We’re expecting to meet diehard metalheads at the show.
Let’s share a great time with us!



– You play at Metal Barbarism II on the 14th of January, how did you get in touch with Primitive Invocation for the gig?


Underground metal scene is a small world and we have many common friends. So it’s very easy for having a connection.



– It seems that Defiled has always enjoyed touring all sorts of places.. you played in North Korea in 1997, what was that like?


You got wrong information ! We have played in South Korea in 1997 and not in North Korea yet. Someday we’ll try to head to North Korea as well.
We believe metal music is borderless. Yes, Korea has a quite good underground metal scene.

– We had to wait 8 years for a new Defiled record, between “Divination” and “In Crisis” – when can we expect another new Defiled release?


Very good question ! Our new album “Towards Inevitable Ruin” will be coming soon !!



– Yusuke is currently the only remaining original member. Is it safe to say he does most of the songwriting or do other members have their intake as well?


I write all music for Defiled. Then I do arrangements with my band mates because Defiled is a real band.



– Are any of the band members involved in any side projects?


All of us concentrate for Defiled only. We’re not interested in doing side projects.



– It can be said that the society of Japan is different from other places – where does the seed of anger come from which spawned bands like yourself?


We just play music for a fun. That’s all. As for our lyrics, we deal with dark subjects due to consistency with our music.



– Any bands from Metal Barbarism II that you are looking forward to playing with?


We’re looking forwards to share stages with all of bands at Metal Barbarism !!!
All of them play true metal with true heart! That’s very important !



– Thanks for your time! Hope you have a great tour.


Thanks for the interview. We’re very looking forwards to play in your country!
See you soon, sisters and brothers in Asian metal!!



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Defiled on Facebook

Defiled Official Website

Metal Barbarism II Date & Information

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