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After The Fall is a melodic hardcore/skatepunk/hardcore band from Albany, New York state. I bought their first full length Everything off Interpunk when I was just getting into punk rock. Little did I know that I boarded this crazy journey of shifting sounds and insane speeds. One of the most admirable things about the band is that their songwriting was, in essentiality, songwriting. They didn’t write songs fit genres or line-ups, they wrote songs from within and set a standard too high for the other bands I was listen to in the future. These guys are on the cusp of releasing their new record, Dedication, and I thought “What better time to talk to these guys?”


– Hey man, could you please introduce yourself?


Hey Vrishank, my name is Mike and the bands name is AFTER THE FALL

Could you give a brief history about the band? How did you guys begin?


Our band began in 99-00 while we were in our freshman year of high school. We were originally called “Downfall”, with me and Tyler, and our buddy Dave and Kyle Chard (Born Low). Downfall had some great local gigs for a young high school band: Opening headlining acts including Rise Against, Hot Water Music, Thursday and more. This is where we became comfortable playing shows and eventually Dave and Kyle moved on to other bands and Brian and Meepy joined forces with ATF in 2000 and we played our very first “ATF” show with Fordirelifesake and Boys Night Out.


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– You guys started with Everything’s more melodic skatepunk sound and moved on to cover almost every musical element associated with punk. There is a constant shift in sound – how do you guys approach song writing? Is it a conscious choice?


 It just seems to happen that way, singing or screaming, poppy or heavy, it’s all relative to the music we listen to mostly. I can say the newest LP is mostly melodic. I do enjoy “singing” more than screaming at this point. Not to say we won’t rage some fast heavy songs once in awhile.


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– What bands have inspired you in your writing, both musically and lyrically?


Propagandhi, Descendents, Ramones, Black Flag, NOFX



– After Fort Orange, you guys went towards a grittier, more hardcore sound with the Coaster EP and Eradication LP? What was it like working with NY legend Don Fury on those records?


 Don Fury did the coaster EP, Jason Maas (Defeater) did Eradication. Both were fun, Coaster was like a fun project we recorded as a two piece when Fury just opened his new Troy, NY studio.



– So Bridge Nine Records, one of the biggest hardcore labels of all time, how did you guys pull it off?


 We just played our new record for them and they really liked it.



– The new record – Dedication – can you tell more us about it?


It is a ten song, nineteen minute long record written for and about our friend Brian Peters who passed away 10/1/13 after a two-year battle with cancer. He was the best friend and founding member of After The Fall. And I really don’t want him to ever be forgotten. So I wrote a record in his name. We recorded it at The Blasting Room in November 2014, and it came out better than anyone thought, we are all so happy with it.



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– The cover art of ‘Dedication’ is a little different from the usual After the Fall cover art. Any story behind it?


The cover art is an oil painting of “Thatcher Park Lookout” near Albany, NY. It is the place where we spread a portion of Brian’s ashes right along the “Indian Ladder” trail. If you look at the 7-inch art, it is a actual photo of the same place with Brian’s urn on the ledge by the same lookout view. Our friend and bass player Matty V painted the LP for us, we love it.



– What’s the future for After The Fall?


 We have two Brooklyn and Philly shows next week with our pals Iron Chic. Then we have a MEXICO tour and the Tri-State release shows in May including a stop at Pouzza Fest in Montreal. Lots of things planned for June into November. December through March we will hopefully make a new EP or LP we’ll see!



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– Lastly, any funny tour/gig story?


 One time in Holland, we sent our driver home cause he couldn’t afford it and took 4 days off before our next show in Berlin. We had to take 14 trains in 15 hours from Amsterdam to Berlin, it only cost $65 a person!



Listen to the title track of DEDICATION

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