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Dubai’s Voice of the Soul to Record Debut Full-Length at Haven Studio

Egan O’Rourke (Daylight Dies) to Feature


March 29, 2014 – UAE-based metal band Voice of the Soul will start recording their debut full-length album in April at Haven Studio in Dubai, almost 3 years after their 2011 EP release, Into Oblivion. The album will be produced by musician/producer HadiSarieddine.


Guitarist and long-time member Monish Shringi comments, “This album will explore new influences compared to past releases. It’s fast, destructive, and reaches newer milestones. Definitely our most diverse and enduring effort.”


The album will also be drummer Khalid Temimi’s first release with Voice of the Soul since joining in January 2012. “It’s new, and it sounds fresh,” says Khalid, “We’ve reached another pinnacle, not only as a band, but as individual musicians. This album will open up one hell of a new chapter for Voice of the Soul!”


Voice of the Soul are also excited to have Daylight Dies’ bassist and singer, Egan O’Rourke, feature on the album. Guitarist and frontman Kareem Chehayeb commented, “Having Egan involved with us is something I’m really excited about. I’m already ecstatic about recording the new material with Hadi, a good friend of mine, so having one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands just takes my excitement to a whole new level.”


Haven Studio’s HadiSarieddine is looking forward to producing Voice of the Soul’s debut full-length. Hadi commented, “I’m really stoked about working with Voice of the Soul; besides the fact the guys are my good friends and I’ve known them for a while I really enjoy the band’s material. We’ve been working hard at pre-production and there’s a cool blend of really dark and very melodic moments on the new album, a little bit for fans of different genres of metal. I look forward to producing and engineering it.”



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Dionysus – Hymn to the Dying coming out on tape soon!

Alright, so I’m gonna start posting more band news and stuff too but it’s going to be on a purely submission basis. I’ve got zero time to keep updated with what’s happening where, but I’ve got all the time in the world for people who send me stuff to post on my blog.




Dionysus‘ seminal black/death/doom release from 2012 – the Hymn to the Dying EP – is being issued on tape by Hellhouse Productions from Thailand. Just check out the beautiful cover art made by Fawad Jafri. This guy might be making more artwork for metal bands in this region for the future, so keep a check on that name. The re-release will also feature a bonus track. Release date will be revealed soon.


The EP was originally issued by Salute Records from Sweden and quickly became one of the fast sellers on the label, gaining a reputation for delivering some quality tunes with a lot of replay value. Good reviews came from perpetually everywhere and the band continued to hone its skills on the live front with some devastating performances in its native Lahore, Pakistan. Guitarist Sheraz Ahmed had this to say about the tape release:


“While we’re working on our new split with indian death/doom band Dormant Inferno. I think its good to have our first EP being re-released on tape by Hellhouseproductions, since I’ve always been a fan of tapes and they’re pretty favorite in Asia these days. I am really glad this is happening.”

Check out Dionysus’ music from the following links:

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