Banish The Posers Fest 2015 featuring FUNERUS

Primitive Invocation, the chief purveyors of true old school metal in Bangladesh, are back again with another show in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Following up on the success of “Metal Barbarism II” which featured Japanese death metal stalwarts Defiled,  Banish The Posers Fest 2015 features local metal acts Orator, Enmachined, Warhound and Eternal Armageddon as well as Funerus – American old school death metal veterans who put out an EP “Black Death” this year under Dark Descent Records. Flyer as well as gig details below! Eternal Abhorrence will be interviewing some of the bands as the gig date advances on us.


Full lineup :

Headlining :

Funerus  – 90’s US Death Metal (featuring Legendary John McEntee from Incantation) for the first time in Dhaka.

Supporting bands :

Orator – Death/Thrash Metal
Enmachined – Thrash Metal
Warhound – Death Metal
Eternal Armageddon – Black/Thrash Metal

Venue : Russian Cultural Center (RCC), Dhanmondi,Dhaka.

Date : 11th September 2015 (Friday)

Ticket Price : 500 TK

Gate Opens : 3:00 PM

Artwork and poster by Gina from Romania



Nepal Earthquake Relief




It has been three weeks since the earth shook us.

25th April 2015 was the fateful day when a massive earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, hit the small Himalayan country of Nepal, flattening entire villages and causing destruction across the nation. The dead bodies piling up have exceeded 8000, with more than 17,000 people injured, around 299,588 houses completely destroyed, and 269,109 houses deemed unlivable. Just when we were trying to understand what had happened, we were struck by another tremor, an aftershock that measured 7.3 on the Richter scale.

Whether living in Nepal or abroad, it would be rare to find a Nepali who has not been shaken to the core by this tragedy. People have lost their loved ones, their homes, and their sense of security. Most of them are left grieving under the open sky, with no roof over their heads.

Though development organizations and local communities have been working tirelessly to rescue and provide immediate relief to the victims, recovery is a long road. Nepal needs as many resources as it can get to start the rehabilitation and rebuilding process for its displaced citizens, while also reconstructing its shattered infrastructure.

Nepal’s rich cultural heritage has influenced its youth to develop a passion for the arts and music; many talented musicians have been bred in this unique culture. The Nepal Earthquake Relief Compilation is a tribute to the resilience and strength of the Nepali people, as well as a collaborative effort by the participating bands to give back to the country that has given them so much.

The funds raised through this album will go to active organizations working on finding long term solutions for shelter and rehabilitation of the communities in the most severely affected districts of Nepal.

The compilation has been hosted on Bandcamp at

Eternal Armageddon – Black Thrash Bastards (2015)




Bangladeshi act Eternal Armageddon started out as a melodic black metal band, with quaint and meandering tracks that built up nice atmospheres. However, for whatever reasons, most of the members went their separate routes with only main man Asmodeus left to pick up what remained in the aftermath of “Her Forlorn Monsoon” (the title of their first EP). His warcry was heard by Blasphemouranter on drums and Sarcophagous on guitar, the trio now set to construct a new sound to take the band further.


All ties are severed with prior incarnations of the band. The title “Black Thrash Bastards” should be a sign enough. Atmosphere and melody is traded in for vicious- ultimately intoxicating – riff-work and chaotic solos. However, the intelligent approach to songwriting that was present even on early works remains ever-present. Sing-along choruses as on the title track, and well placed mid-tempo grooves, drum fills, bass interludes show that there is method to the madness on display. The music here is meant to be played live.


Despite the moniker of Black Thrash Bastards, the music here is untainted and purely old school, and will appeal to fans of this strict niche. The metal on display here is not bastardized or watered down. Like a nasty pint of locally brewed ale, this material comes as an acquired taste. Stay clear if you expect anything less than Hellhammer, NME, Bulldozer, or Sodom worship. And for the die-hards, a quality cover of Sodom’s “Blasphemer” is also included. My personal pick however, would be “Satanic Whispers” and the title track.


Regardless of the inherent musical quality of this little demo, recorded in a rehearsal pad, it serves more as a sign of things to come rather than an all-encompassing entity on its own. Rest assured, however, until a proper EP or album is unleashed by this incarnation of Eternal Armageddon, this 5 song demo can rest easy in your collection for whenever you need a dose of third world barbarism.






Eternal Armageddon Interview

Eternal Armageddon on Facebook

Eternal Armageddon Interview





– Greetings. Hope all is well in the land of Bengal.


War Hails brother. Yes. Things are going pretty smooth.



– Eternal Armageddon recently re-emerged after a hiatus in 2013. Was resurrecting the band always a possibility when the hiatus took place?


Basically the band was getting inactive after our debut release ‘Her Forlorn Monsoon’. Numerous reasons were there. Sick underground policy back then, drug issues and shits; the band was getting unproductive gradually. So back in 2013, I decided to bring an end to this. But yes, there was always a possibility. Even at times I thought to start again as a one man project. But then I get to know about Sarcophagous and Blasphemouranter.



– The band has also went through a major upheaval in the lineup, with Asmodeus being the remaining original member. Why did the change take place? I imagine you’re satisfied with the new lineup and direction as well.


Well, like I said, there were different issues for which it was not working anymore. So the change in the lineup was an obvious thing to come. Initially, I took some time to think. Like I also do have a one man project- whether to merge that with Eternal Armageddon or what. But what I felt, that from the moment I’ve founded Eternal Armageddon, it was never meant to be some studio project or all alone DSBM stuff. It is a warhymn that cannot be sung without a battlefield. So I summoned and got two other demons with me; Sarcophagous and Blasphemouranter. And I believe right now we are an army marching forward furiously than ever.






– The act formed as a melodic Black Metal outfit, yet in the recent compositions the style has changed to a more traditional Black/Thrash leaning. To what can we credit the change?


The lineup change is of course a reason behind shifting the genre. When we started to jam with the new lineup, we found it the best way to express ourselves from now and then. We all are into Black/Thrash more than anything else.



– Your debut EP was released on two different labels. Was the reception to it satisfactory according to you?


Yeah, two labels. MTD Productions from Malaysia and Salute Records from Sweden. Well, I think it was satisfactory though I expected more. It took some time to reach the local listeners. But gradually it did. The release was distributed in various countries. It received very positive reviews from many zines from different places across the globe. For a debut EP, I believe, it clicked nonetheless.



– What’s your opinion on the Bangladesh Metal scene? It seems to outsiders like myself that a lot of quality gigs are happening, with bands such as Abigail and Impiety coming over and whatnot.


I believe the scene is improving. If I look 6-7 years back, back in 2008-09, when I started Eternal Armageddon, the scene was not good enough. Yes, there were bands, Metal bands, but to call it a Metal scene it was not just enough. I have seen guys shifting to core and other shitty genres for cheap fame and glams. But now, there is quite a mentionable scene across the Asia. There are promising Metal bands who are coming up with brilliant releases. Reaching great labels and hitting international gigs. Great bands are coming over here. Cults like Primitive Invocation, Venustas Diabolicus have been emerging, there are few distros and labels,and a few more are organizing gigs and running zines to support the scene.







– You are also playing at Metal Barbarism 2. What’s your relationship with the organizers, Primitive Invocation, and how have they helped the Bangladesh Metal scene in the past few years?


That’s true. We are about to play live for the first time since 2010. We always had a very good relation with Primitive Invocation. I know personally some true Metal warriors of this cult. How they have contributed to the scene- well, a huge question! What I believe, without Primitive Invocation, the scene could never had made this far. They played a pioneering role to introduce our scene to world.



– Asmodeus is also a co-founder of the Black Metal webzine “Venustas Diabolicus.” What inspired you to start a webzine, and have you succeeded in the aims so far?


Well, I founded this group, cult or whatever you say, Venustas Diabolicus with people dedicated to Black Metal. Initially it was group for promoting and sharing everything related to Black Metal. Later on I met my warbrother Zoheb Mahmud and came up with this proposal to start this webzine. Together we started it and later on Somber Oracle and Safwan Hossain joined us. Now we have a few more contributors (even outside of our country as well) with us and we are getting bigger every single day.

About inspiration, well, when I started to listen to black metal, or playing it, I had to face so many complexities. Even I have seen a number of Metal listeners are avoiding it or trying to be ignorant about this willingly. To me Black Metal was never dead and will never be. I tried to make a roof where we can share our listening, thoughts or whatever related to this. To promote the bands, labels and entities dedicated to this. That was the basic objective responsible for the foundation of Venustas Diabolicus. Zine is our first offering. There are more to come.







– How does Black Metal as a genre and an ideology fit into life in Bangladesh?


As a genre or ideology Black Metal has always been far from to fit into life in Bangladesh. But now, probably I’m being too positive, but I really think that a scene is growing over here. There are bands, a few, but promising. There are listeners, as we have already talked about- the Venustas Diabolicus- yes! I believe, a scene is growing over here- more people are getting into it.



– The current era has seen metal bands from South Asia touring other countries in the region, such as Indian bands going to Bangladesh and Bangladeshi acts appearing in Nepal. Does Eternal Armageddon have any such tour plans in the future?


Yes we do! The new demo is coming on early Jan’ of 2015 and we shall be hitting the stage after a long time that time. From now we shall be playing gigs on regular basis and of course, we shall be trying to make it in abroad as well.



– Thanks for answering my questions. Eagerly awaiting the new release.


The honors is ours brother. Horns up and War Hails!





Eternal Armageddon on Facebook

More information on Metal Barbarism II

Solar Deity Interview

Solar Deity is a Black Metal band from Mumbai, India, that describes itself as a “Satanic Black Metal” band. Frontman and main songwriter Aditya Mehta has been involved with Mumbai’s Death Metal scene with his past bands, which ensured that he already had somewhat of a reputation when Solar Deity was first initiated. Their music has been well-liked by this blog/zine for a while now, and you can read our review of their most recent release “Devil Worship” here. After delaying a possible interview for many months, I finally got in touch with Aditya and we discussed the band’s future, along with his new vegan beliefs.






– Hey Aditya! How’s everything going?


Hey Hassan! It’s going quite okay.



– Solar Deity has been on the quiet side since “Devil Worship” was released in the latter half of 2013. What’s been going on?


We were busy with other stuff. Also, having to change the lineup every now and then was a bit of a drag.



– There has been significant musical evolution in SD’s music, with the musical style flirting with different styles in every release. Where do you see the sound going on future stuff?


It’ll go ambient/depressive and back to the traditional style and then to something very raw and intense… there’s a lot we want to do. Solar Deity can go any way as long as it’s black metal.



– Initially SD was not a live act, yet you made the transition from the studio to the stage – complete with an elaborate live act and stage presence. What has the live experience been thus far?


I enjoyed our first Bombay concert (at Blue Frog) the most. Playing live is fun and so is jamming with the band, but it’s terribly boring having to sit around at home playing the same shit over and over… but playing to an audience does feel good.







– Did the songwriting process change much when the band went from being just primarily you (and a drummer) to having a full lineup?


No, because I composed all the stuff. It will change now because both Niraj Singh Chauhan and I are writing songs. You’ll hear my stuff and you’ll hear his stuff and when we write stuff together you’ll hear that.



– Let’s talk about Exhumation. Your old Death Metal band created a reputation for itself in the old Mumbai metal scene of the 2000s. Do you still feel an affinity with that sort of music?


I still love death metal and all those bands we used to listen to. I still listen to them and I understand and enjoy and respect death metal even more now. My favorite memories of Exhumation are those of the fun times I shared with those guys and of us making the music.



– Your outspoken nature has caused a lot of your opinions on the Indian metal scene to cause a lot of controversy in the past. What’s your take on the Indian scene as it currently stands?


Thanks to Facebook everybody can see what exactly is happening. We don’t get too many shows but that’s okay – the others in Solar Deity understand that I am the guy who has to do all this. The rest of the scene is welcome to continue being diplomatic and they can suck each other off till the end of eternity. I don’t sit on Facebook waiting for people to go wrong so that I can point it out; I’ve never asked anyone to buy my music or merch and I won’t be asking the kids to crowdfund my wedding or my children’s education either. I’ve lost friends and made enemies only because I love all that metal is about. I don’t care about being popular or respected, and I don’t go around asking organizers to put my band on the bill. I don’t have a fucking agenda, man. Somebody has to take the trash out and in these circumstances I am one of the four or five people doing that. It’s like five people trying to keep an entire city clean, heh. Devdutt Nawalkar (Old Disgruntled Bastard) is my favorite critic and he doesn’t give a fuck what anybody thinks. A few other people who rant either have nothing to lose or do it anonymously, and that’s fine too – other musicians attack the poseurs anonymously because they don’t want their bands to be affected. I don’t do shit anonymously and I don’t give a shit about what hipsters think of me either but sadly my haters take it out on my band as they have no other way of teaching me a lesson. It’s okay, though… in battle there is no law. Ahahaha, the butt-hurt poseurs… FUCK THEM ALL.



– It’s become common knowledge that you’re a vegan now. How does this tie in with your Satanist belief system, and how does this impact your music?


I feel even more extreme now, haha! One of the things about Satanism is that it doesn’t let you bullshit yourself or others, and I really couldn’t pretend to be unaffected about where our food comes from. I debated with myself for a few years about if I should go vegetarian and now I know I was only trying to justify my meat-eating. I realize that every reason I gave myself for not going vegetarian was code for: I want meat, cheese, eggs and dairy. I’m glad that argument is over. As for the music – all the new black metal stuff was composed much before I turned vegan, but maybe the side projects will tell you something!







– Solar Deity recently got into some kind of deal with Transcending Obscurity, Kunal’s label. Can you elaborate a bit on what that basically entails?


Kunal Choksi is going to release a mini discography of what we’ve made so far on Transcending Obscurity because he thinks our music deserves more recognition. It’ll have a new layout and bonus material and KC has big plans for it. We’re very kicked about it.



– What’s next for the band? A split? A full length album? More EP’s?


A split with Djinn & Miskatonic! Our next EP will have to wait because we have the mini discog on Transcending Obscurity and the split with Djinn & Miskatonic coming up.



– I wouldn’t think you have much time for sideprojects nowadays. Anything on the cards, however?


Yeah, I’ve been talking about a lot of stuff. I’m going to get off my ass and make at least Angry Dwarf happen this year.



– Thanks for the interview, Aditya! Take care.


Thanks, Hassan!



SD Live


Solar Deity Official Website

Solar Deity on Facebook

Solar Deity on Bandcamp

Metal Barbarism II Featuring DEFILED from Japan

Primitive Invocation, the chief purveyors of true old school metal in Bangladesh, are putting on a show on January the 14th in Dhaka, that promises to be stellar. Following up on the recent “Banish the Posers” show, “Metal Barbarism II” will have 4 of Bangladesh’s local extreme metal acts (Morbidity, Eternal Armageddon, Nafarmaan, Warhound) as well as Defiled – Japanese death metal veterans who will be showcasing their barbarism to the Bangladeshi crowd for the first time. Flyer as well as gig details below! Eternal Abhorrence will be interviewing some of the bands as the gig date advances on us.


Full lineup :

DEFILED – Death Metal legends from Japan
NAFARMAAN – Black/Death Metal from Dhaka
MORBIDITY – Old School Death Metal from Dhaka
WARHOUND – Death Metal from Dhaka
lack/Thrash Metal from Dhaka

Venue : National Library Auditorium,Beside Radio Office, Agargaon,Sher-E-Bangla Nagar,Dhaka

Date : 14th January,2015 Wednesday
Ticket : 350 TK
Gate opens at 4:30 Sharp.

Flyer design : Deus Desecrator Absconditus

Sangus – Saevitia (2014)




Sangus is a relatively new Black Metal/Crust hybrid out of Providence Rhode Island that has been leveling local audiences with show-stealing live performances. Luckily, they also translate well to recorded audio. The band features members hailing from all over the gamut of underground metal: Vovk (vocals) formerly of grind bands Paindriver and Ulcer, Executioner (drums) who also plays in black metal outfit Haxen, Barbarian (guitar) of the blackened doom band Churchburn, Vamakara (guitar) of the sludgy death-doom Sin of Angels, and Czarnobóg (bass) who used to play dirty black thrash in Nachzehrer. Looking at the pedigree of bands these guys have played in, the sound of Sangus makes total sense, the surprise being that apparently they had all been harboring some latent desire play something crusty.  Besides my own soft spot for the crust, I can say that their new album objectively and undeniably, rips.

Their previous EP Vengeful Brutality had a straight blackened crust/thrash vibe reminiscent of Dishammer, full of anthemic riffs found in more modern crust outfits. Brutal, yes, balls-out aggressive, yes, but also very much a rock and roll inflected sound. The new album Saevitia (Latin for cruelty), is a different animal. Sangus has traded a crusty black and roll sound for an album attitudinally aligned with bestial war metal, while still sounding somewhat displaced from the stylistic rudiments of the genre. If anything, the crust elements are more subdued and metallic than before, and overall this feels much more like a metal album than a punk album. They remain much more melodic than the likes of Revenge or Blasphemy, but the message, the relentless aural attack, and the near-grind pacing of the music put this album in rank with the best of modern war metal. The bloodthirsty attitude inspiring this album remains obvious throughout. They don’t concern themselves with the sharpening of swords, the vagaries of war, or pre-battle rituals, only the throes of violence in the midst of war. Not the impersonal war of the modern age but rather War of an epic and fantastical nature, where your killer somehow finds 30 seconds to raise his weapons to the sky, and shriek some barbarian screed, before driving two blades into your brain through your ears. This entire album pretty much exists in the moment between being cornered, and being epically fucking slaughtered.

The fact that the vocals are genuinely dripping with blood and hate helps keep the whole things from getting silly. In comparison to the previous album, Vovk’s vocals are mixed front and center, and he’s worked out a unique style of vocal delivery. Similar to the vocals in Burning Witch (although there is no doom anywhere on this album), Vovk’s shrieking vocals cut through everything else and are responsible for driving the songs forward. Most noticeable is the way the mixed English/Italian lyrics are delivered, with odd spacings between words and unusual choices for emphasis, which comes together as a peculiar dialect whose overall effect is pretty terrifying, and makes for a memorable listen. The instrumentation is no-nonsense, with the drummer making absolutely no unnecessary indulgences, and the guitars fluxing between stenchy grooves, raw thrash, and old school tremolo death mayhem. The guitar solos are short and dissonant, and every now and then, the guitars bring the song to an anthemic climax with a huge melodic riff, as is heard on the standout track “Live to Kill”. There is a 6 minute noise track at the end, that I can’t really speak to, but the 10 minutes of metal on this a album are brutal and fast, managing to stab in and pull out of before you have time to spit out your last words. Fans of the new Diocletian, later Darkthrone, and all things crust, black, thrash and death will be right at home with this album, kicking down the doors and lighting the walls on fire.







Stream it on Bandcamp

Order details

Facebook page




– Arjun Ray