Mentally Murdered – featuring MxCx, Takatak & Irritum


Time to dust the cobwebs off this rotting city’s heavy music scene. Three acts on the bill, names as follow;

Multinational Corporations – Grindcore/Hardcore Punk. Performing new cuts from upcoming splits as well as crowd favorites from last year’s “Jamat-al-Maut” EP, this grindlashkar is poised for another deadly aural assault on the senses.

Takatak – Instrumental Prog/Groove Metal. Veterans of the Lahore music scene by now, and well renowned for their technical abilities, they are on the cusp of releasing their first EP after a great response to the single “Placental.”

Irritum – Funeral Doom Metal. Masters of the almighty riff, conjuring atmospheres equally haunting and majestic. Hear tracks from their upcoming full-length album while they doom you to eternity.

Live at Opositive studio’s (308 Ravi Road, opposite Badshah Mosque NEXT to the Ufone Franchise)

Call for further details
0345-4064728 (Hassan)
0322-5345356 (Sheraz)

Orator Interview

Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh  – Orator is often hailed as one of the premier Death/Thrash acts of the South Asian region. A trifecta of musciains influenced by the likes of Merciless and Possessed, as well as the mysticism of the Aghori cult, Orator has put out 1 EP, 1 full length album, as well as played live outside of their native Bengal homeland over the years. Eternal Abhorrence talks to them about the upcoming Banish The Posers Fest, their lyrical themes, among other things.




– Greetings, Skullbearer, hope all is well at the Orator camp.


Thanks. So far we have been working on new songs, though we are not that active for the last one year.



– You’re playing at Banish The Posers Fest on the 11th of September. Over the years you’ve played at quite a lot of Primitive Invocation gigs, what’s the usual expectation for an event by them?


A very well organized gig, robust sound system and experienced sound engineer and apart from these, we expect nothing but fun and lots of headbanging from a very dedicated crowd.



– Do you think that the Bangladeshi metal scene has improved over the years due to PI’s work?


Definitely, ever since they started out their journey back in 2011 they have delivered us so many great metal concerts bringing bands from many parts of the world. They have also supported many new and old bands from Dhaka. PI has created a scene which was never there before, bathed in the essence of true metal spirit.






– Orator has primarily been a power trio, however a second guitarist was added for a short while last year, before reverting to a trio again. Can you elaborate a bit on that?


We have always thought of hiring a second guitarist, even before Kapalgnosis. Re-Animator (Navid Anjum Khan) was/is a promising guitarist and we hired him. We jammed many times last year and performed twice with him on the lineup. However, he had to leave Orator because of the imperatives of his demanding academic life. We wish him all the best in life.



– There has been a marked shift in production values for Orator between 2010’s “Dominion of Avyaktam” and 2013’s “Kapalgnosis,” with the latter favoring a more well-rounded, clear-cut sound as compared to the raw tendencies of the debut EP. Can we expect the sound to get more deliberately polished on future output?


Orator’s sound will remain mostly like Kapalgnosis, but of course much more polished than the previous productions.



– Orator has a very distinct visual aesthetic to it, manifesting itself in the live presence, lyrics and artwork of the band, and as a result setting Orator apart from most death and thrash metal acts in the South Asian region. Was this aesthetic a deliberate attempt?


Thank you. If it were not deliberate then we would be confused of our identity like many of the bands out there today. For Orator everything was deliberate from the start and shall be in the future.






– Your lyrics mirror the image of Aghori, “Left Hand Path” Tantric Occultism and  other Gnostic related notions and you mention Aghoris as an Atheistic Avadhut in a recent interview. Aghoris renounce the establishments set by the orthodox Hinduism, yet they also partake in very specific rituals which signify a spiritual belief – added to that, they are devotee of Bhairava too. Traditional atheists do not usually partake in rituals or hold any spiritual beliefs, nor do they tend to be a devotee of any deity too. Can you explain this further?


Aghoris are not the devotees of any particular deities per se and they have many ruthless forms of bizarre practices that most of us might not have seen as of yet. Navakhanda, is a rite where they gash their limbs deliberately in nine ways just to have a strong quintessence of inner being. However, we do not take these religious practices literally. Aghori is for us a form, a hollow being that represents the perpetual orations of a decaying cosmos within and without. That Aghori is already dead and rotted away; he has no further belief nor any god to please, but him-Self. He is one with his being, an Avadhut in true form. Therefore, behold the mad Krakach, polluting the norms of established orders and purveying the essence of non-being.



– Considering that Orator is an established act now with its own distinct sound and identity, do you see Barzak – your and Vritra’s earlier band – and Orator to be connected entities or completely seperate? 


Just to be clear, Vritra was not a part of the original Barzak lineup although he joined in just when we destroyed Barzak and formed Orator. We did it together. And I do not see Barzak ever returning. Barzak is dead. Orator has risen up from Barzak’s ashes, separate and immaculate.







– You’ve played outside Bangladesh, in India and Malaysia – how difficult/easy is it to go around touring different countries from where you guys are based in? 


So far we have played in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. And I can honestly say that except for India, we never had any trouble flying outside of Dhaka and performing at the aforementioned countries.



– Thanks for your time, hope to see you live soon as well!

Thanks for the support! Hail!




Orator on Facebook

Banish The Posers Fest 2015

Banish The Posers Fest 2015 featuring FUNERUS

Primitive Invocation, the chief purveyors of true old school metal in Bangladesh, are back again with another show in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Following up on the success of “Metal Barbarism II” which featured Japanese death metal stalwarts Defiled,  Banish The Posers Fest 2015 features local metal acts Orator, Enmachined, Warhound and Eternal Armageddon as well as Funerus – American old school death metal veterans who put out an EP “Black Death” this year under Dark Descent Records. Flyer as well as gig details below! Eternal Abhorrence will be interviewing some of the bands as the gig date advances on us.


Full lineup :

Headlining :

Funerus  – 90’s US Death Metal (featuring Legendary John McEntee from Incantation) for the first time in Dhaka.

Supporting bands :

Orator – Death/Thrash Metal
Enmachined – Thrash Metal
Warhound – Death Metal
Eternal Armageddon – Black/Thrash Metal

Venue : Russian Cultural Center (RCC), Dhanmondi,Dhaka.

Date : 11th September 2015 (Friday)

Ticket Price : 500 TK

Gate Opens : 3:00 PM

Artwork and poster by Gina from Romania



Nepal Earthquake Relief




It has been three weeks since the earth shook us.

25th April 2015 was the fateful day when a massive earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, hit the small Himalayan country of Nepal, flattening entire villages and causing destruction across the nation. The dead bodies piling up have exceeded 8000, with more than 17,000 people injured, around 299,588 houses completely destroyed, and 269,109 houses deemed unlivable. Just when we were trying to understand what had happened, we were struck by another tremor, an aftershock that measured 7.3 on the Richter scale.

Whether living in Nepal or abroad, it would be rare to find a Nepali who has not been shaken to the core by this tragedy. People have lost their loved ones, their homes, and their sense of security. Most of them are left grieving under the open sky, with no roof over their heads.

Though development organizations and local communities have been working tirelessly to rescue and provide immediate relief to the victims, recovery is a long road. Nepal needs as many resources as it can get to start the rehabilitation and rebuilding process for its displaced citizens, while also reconstructing its shattered infrastructure.

Nepal’s rich cultural heritage has influenced its youth to develop a passion for the arts and music; many talented musicians have been bred in this unique culture. The Nepal Earthquake Relief Compilation is a tribute to the resilience and strength of the Nepali people, as well as a collaborative effort by the participating bands to give back to the country that has given them so much.

The funds raised through this album will go to active organizations working on finding long term solutions for shelter and rehabilitation of the communities in the most severely affected districts of Nepal.

The compilation has been hosted on Bandcamp at

Morbidity Interview

Morbidity Logo2



– Hey there. Hope all is good with Morbidity.


Yes, hello, everything is indeed well with Morbidity, getting ready to play alongside Defiled and other bands in metal barbarism



-“Revealed from Ashes” – your debut full length album was released by Memento Mori in July, and was much hailed by the death metal fanatics. Can you give us some insight into the recording process?


We recorded the album at Sonic Occult Studios thanks to MaamarHaque. The recording started off with providing the midi versions of each song so that a basic outline could be made of the riff progressions and sections. This made things easier for the drummer to record. After that we recorded the riff and bass sections and finally adding the solos and vocals. The mixing after that took quite a while with quite a few sessions needed to fine tune things and fix a few minor mistakes. The whole process took almost a year.



– How did the release with Memento Mori come across – are you planning on doing more releases with the label in the future?


Memento Mori is a great label! And the best part of this label is, they promote both old and new bands. We are really glad that we worked with such great label. The support was immense! We will be really happy to work with Memento Mori again in the forthcoming releases.



– Lyrically there is an obsession with the occult and other dark themes in the songs. Are these lyrical influences derived from your surroundings or any specific literature?


It’s more of an acquired taste, the lyricist is obsessed with these things and we just encourage him to let his imagination run wild.



Morbidity art



– There has been a bit of an upsurge in Old School Death Metal in our South Asian subcontinent over the recent few years, with Morbidity being one of the bands to be spreading this style – to what do you credit this sudden interest in old school stuff?


The interest was never sudden. We were always into the old stuff with very few new bands providing us with any promising metal. And when we saw all the trash being played throughout the supposedly “metal” scene before us, we knew it was up to the chosen few of us to enlighten the masses about what real metal is all about.



– A lot of credit needs to be given to Primitive Invocation for propagating old school values in Bangladesh with their live shows. What has your past experience been performing at their shows and what are you expecting from the upcoming Metal Barbarism featuring Defiled?


Primitive Invocation will always have our gratitude for giving us tons of support. The shows were always great with true metal headliners from around the world.



– Does Morbidity play outside Dhaka often? What is the usual reaction from the audiences?


We have yet to experience a show outside Dhaka. We had a few offers to go to India for a few performances but could never follow through with them.



Morbidity Liv2


– Are the members involved with any sideprojects currently?


One of our guitarists Azerate is the lead guitarist for Nuclear Winter, although it wouldn’t be fair to call it his side project as it’s as big a band as Morbidity and just as important for him.



– Your favorite EP’s/Demos/Albums from this year?


This year had so many great releases. Here are some of the albums worth mentioning.
Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
Vanhelgd – Relics OfSulphur Salvation
MorbusChron – Sweven
Rude – Soul Recall
Swallowed – Lunarterial
Lvcifyre – Svn Eater



– Thanks for your time. Hope to catch you live some day.


The honour was ours. Cheers.



Morbidity Live



Morbidity on Facebook

Morbidity on Bandcamp

Imperial Savagery – Imperial Savagery

Imperial Savagery logo



Imperial Savagery; the Satanic Death Metal cruelty from Chicago, Illinois have recently come up with their first self-titled full length in one year after their declaration of existence. United States have always been the Eden of Death Metal blessed by the bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Incantation, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Master, Autopsy and what not! Following the path of the ancestors, Imperial Savagery have shown how promising they are.


The album has got 10 different tracks with a total duration of 26:28. Vocal Brice Dalzell did a great job I must say. He has got a very powerful screaming voice that made the songs real sick. Guitarist Tom Flanagan had come up with some vile riffs that totally reminds me the playing of legend like Trey Azagthoth. Throughout the album Tom kept declaring his supremacy with his savage distortion. The bassist Pat Clancy was really supportive with Tom. His powerful and strong output made the songs alive. Garrett Scanlan did a catastrophic job with drums. His devastating blasts made the songs real fast and steady. I cannot remember last when I heard such terrific drumming. All I can say is, Imperial Savagery have produced one of the vilest death metal violence in recent memory.


To conclude I would to say this record is worth collecting. I wouldn’t wonder if this album becomes a Death Metal classic in few years.


Score: 80/100



Imperial Savagery



Imperial Savagery on Facebook

Imperial Savagery on Bandcamp

– Asif Abrar

Defiled Interview



– Hey lads, hope everything is great at your end!


Happy New Year to all! We’ve just been so busy to prepare for the upcoming tour.
But we’re all fine !!



– You guys are embarking on a tour of South Asia – hitting up Bangladesh, Nepal and India. What are you expecting?


Very very excited our first tour for South Asia !!
We’re expecting to meet diehard metalheads at the show.
Let’s share a great time with us!



– You play at Metal Barbarism II on the 14th of January, how did you get in touch with Primitive Invocation for the gig?


Underground metal scene is a small world and we have many common friends. So it’s very easy for having a connection.



– It seems that Defiled has always enjoyed touring all sorts of places.. you played in North Korea in 1997, what was that like?


You got wrong information ! We have played in South Korea in 1997 and not in North Korea yet. Someday we’ll try to head to North Korea as well.
We believe metal music is borderless. Yes, Korea has a quite good underground metal scene.

– We had to wait 8 years for a new Defiled record, between “Divination” and “In Crisis” – when can we expect another new Defiled release?


Very good question ! Our new album “Towards Inevitable Ruin” will be coming soon !!



– Yusuke is currently the only remaining original member. Is it safe to say he does most of the songwriting or do other members have their intake as well?


I write all music for Defiled. Then I do arrangements with my band mates because Defiled is a real band.



– Are any of the band members involved in any side projects?


All of us concentrate for Defiled only. We’re not interested in doing side projects.



– It can be said that the society of Japan is different from other places – where does the seed of anger come from which spawned bands like yourself?


We just play music for a fun. That’s all. As for our lyrics, we deal with dark subjects due to consistency with our music.



– Any bands from Metal Barbarism II that you are looking forward to playing with?


We’re looking forwards to share stages with all of bands at Metal Barbarism !!!
All of them play true metal with true heart! That’s very important !



– Thanks for your time! Hope you have a great tour.


Thanks for the interview. We’re very looking forwards to play in your country!
See you soon, sisters and brothers in Asian metal!!



Defiled band


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Defiled Official Website

Metal Barbarism II Date & Information