Letter from a Pakistani rocker circa ’97

Found this cool letter from a Pakistani rocker in the 90’s, sent to Waj Lemac (Conquest For Death), on Facebook this morning. Really interesting stuff. Always cool to find reports of a scene in its nascent days, when local magazines never covered it as extensively as they should have.  From Waj’s Facebook:


“A letter from one of the few Pakistani metal heads in Islamabad circa early ’97. Luk Haas gave me his contact info. All You Can Eat were investigating touring Pakistan, Jordan and Syria at the time. We went on hiatus before we could attempt it. This is a two page post. Not for everyone but pretty fascinating for people interested in the early stages of the underground music scene in a far off land. We lost touch, but I hope Aurang is still banging!”



A really nice piece of Pakistani music history contained in this letter. You can see a reference to Entity (before they became the commercial rock band Entity Paradigm aka EP) as well as Co-VEN when they were simply called Coven. Call is also namedropped. But my favorite part of this has to be the end “P.S. My name is Aurang, Not Rurang.” Hahahah.